Fang Food

All the best in ballpark and other food for spectating!

Fang Food: San Diego Padres Edition


We continue our quest to enjoy the delicacies of the rest of the league today with the San Diego Padres.

Fang Food: Chicago Cubs edition


Every so often, the city the Diamondbacks play in has so many different choices that it's hard for me to decide which dish to choose. Chicago is one of those cities.

Fang Food: USMNT Edition


Changing things up a little bit this week, as instead of examining a food from one of the Diamondbacks opponents, we are going to make a dish frequently associated with the country that put our...

Fang Food: Los Angeles Dodgers edition


While a a sea turtle-lobster-shark fin stuffed, Kobe beef filet mignon would be more appropriate for the opulence that is the Dodgers, I decided to go a different route that was much more ethical...

Fang Food: Cincinnati Reds Edition


Every time the Diamondbacks, or politicians, or celebrities, or whatever, make a visit, you can always count on one thing being brought up every single time: Skyline Chili.

Fang Food: Colorado Rockies edition


Normally here at Fang Food, we try to do something that really represents a state or city that we're playing that week. So, in honor of Colorado, we're making brownies with mint leaves and whipped...

Fang Food: New York Mets edition


This week, I'm going to share a food with you that might not spring to mind as a sports food. But, according to the all-knowing Elders of the Internet, it actually does have a connection...

Rocky Mountain Ale


Beer, all the beer

Fang Food: San Francisco Giants edition


This season we're doing things a little differently. Each edition is going to be tied to a team that we're playing in the upcoming week. Now batting, the San Francisco Giants.

Fang Food: Epilogue


Well. That's it. The Dbacks' season is over. It could have been better, but it could have been worse, too. Join us as we say good bye to this season of Fang Food


Fang Food: Jalapeno Poppers


So the other day, I was going back through the Fang Food archives, and I realized something. We've only done one dish that could be called an appetizer. That fact, plus a reminder of a classic...

Fang Food: Pizza


When I think of party food, I think pizza, and so, on this edition of Fang Food, I will present my recipe for that classic dish!

Fang Food: Canned Beer Revolution!!!!!


Yes, after several weeks of business trips and one beercation, I have returned.

Fang Food: Sonoran Hot Dogs


At Chase Field, they have a hot dog called the Sonoran hot dog. It's a bacon-wrapped hot dog, topped with ranch-style beans and Pico de Gallo. Basically, it's deliciousness incarnate, in my...

Fang Food: Well Done Hamburgers


Hamburgers are one of the quintessential BBQ foods. But a lot of people want them well done. How do you do that? Here you go!

Fang Food: Chicken Spiedies


What's a spiedie you ask? Pure amazing deliciousness.

Fang Food: Growlers


Because even beer can be take-out, and getting beer to-go is awesome.

Fang Food: Dessert


So far on Fang Food, we've only focused on meals, side dishes, and drinks. Today, we're boldly going to a new frontier: Dessert!

Fang Food: Beer Traveler


Because normal vacations leave out so much beer.

Fang Food: Technical Difficulties edition


So Philip took a vacation back in time to the Stone Age where they don't have internet, and I didn't get his messages left in history until today. So we're a little late this week. We're sorry/

Fang Food: Pretzels


What did I learn this weekend? Well, I learned I'm terrible at rolling out pretzels. Go figure

Fang Food: Brewers Crack (not really crack)


Some beer geeks like the extreme when it comes to beer. Some of those same geeks like to push the envelope even more.

Fang Food: Taco Special!


So the Dbacks scored more than six runs, huh? Well, that means that today between 4 and 6 PM, Taco Bell will be giving away three free tacos with the purchase of a large drink. Let's do that one...

Fang Food: hamburger buns and creamy potato salad.


First off, Happy Mother's day to all the Mother's out there. I couldn't really think of anything that would make for a good Mother's Day themed post, so I'm doing hamburger buns and creamy potato...

Fang Food: The Pit's Pint


Like baseball, beer is an ancient and time honored thing, and with baseball, having a beer is a must. We extend the 'Fang Food' series, as Turambar joins the team to discuss its foamy goodness.

Fang Food: BBQ Chicken Nachos


Throughout the week I found myself thinking about those scenarios where the grill might not be an option. So, today Fang Food makes its way to the kitchen and gives you BBQ Chicken Nachos.

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