Celebration of Baseball at Surprise Stadium on Sunday

As our fan warm-up for spring training, we'll be out at Surprise Stadium on Sunday afternoon, enjoying the Legends Baseball Game and other entertainment available at the park. If anyone else is...

Wild Wild Fest: The 2011 Diamondbacks FanFest

The 2011 Diamondbacks FanFest took part at Chase Field this afternoon. We were there, and here's our illustrated report.

D-backs announce '2001 World Championship Reunion Weekend' for Chase, September 9-11

The Diamondbacks will mark the tenth anniversary of the World Series team with a weekend of celebrations at Chase, Sept 9-11. We've got the details.

2011 Diamondbacks FanFest Proximity Alert

Saturday is the Diamondbacks' FanFest at Chase. We provide some hints and tips to making the most of your day there.

SnakePit Giveaway: Free Tickets to History [Baseball and Otherwise]

You might have noted the advert in the side-bar for the Arizona Renaissance Festival. Well, in exchange for that, we've got a bunch of tickets to the event to give away. However, those grumbling...

SnakePitSpringFest: March 26th

Going by the comments, it looks like lawn tickets for the game against the Royals on Saturday March 26th were the most popular choice, so that's what we're going with. azjazzman kindly provided the...

SnakePitFest v3.2: August 7th - Tickets Now On Sale!

By happy coincidence, our next group outing is August 7th, which they announced last night is the day they will be retiring Luis Gonzalez's number at Chase Field, the first ever to be retired by...

SnakePitFest v3.0: Saturday at Chase - DontrelleDebutThon

Got the tickets for Saturday's game. As previously, we'll be handing them out at Slider's from about 3pm. We'll be outside somewhere, probably close to the outside fence - keep an eye out for...

SnakePitFest v3.1 - Last Chance For Tickets!!

It's that time again! We have scheduled two SnakePit get-togethers this year, with the first one being on Saturday, June 5th vs. Colorado. That's a 5:10pm first pitch, and the first 15,000 fans...

Last Chance! Tickets for Spring Fest 2010

We're having a group get-together in Tucson on March 21st. For full details, please see this Fanpost, but as the PayPal button wouldn't work there, here's the link to send me your cash if you want...

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