D-backs 2012 Ticket Prices: Or, SnakePitFest - Now 70% More Expensive...


I got the group outing chart through from Geno last week, and took a look at it over the weekend to begin the process of looking for dates that might be suitable for SnakePitFest v5. However, on...

Not-so-OT Sunday: SnakePitSpringTrainingFest!!!


Time to put the wheels into motion for the one or more SnakePitSpringTrainingFests - hereafter referred to as SPSTF - which will be taking place during the Cactus League. However, the most official...

Diamondbacks FanFest Details: February 11th


Another sign that spring is in the air was more information appearing today regarding the Diamondbacks' FanFest, which will be taking place at Chase Field one month from today, on Saturday,...

NLDS Viewing Party: Friday's Front Row @ Chase, Saturday 11am


In case you missed the thread, there will be a SnakePit Viewing Party at Chase Field, in Friday's Front Row, tomorrow morning - first pitch is a little after 11am. Seating is limited, so if you...

Diamondbacks Tweet-Up: The Tweet Sound of Success


The first Diamondbacks Tweet-up took place at Chase Field last night. We were there, and here's what went down in the social media get-together.

SnakePitFest 4.3: Sunday, September 25th vs Giants


TICKET SALES NOW CLOSED! It's also going to be Star Wars Day at Chase Field: whether that's an incentive or not, may depend on you... Could it be the day we clinch the West? Maybe, maybe not....

Ten Years Ago Today: 9/11


Most of the events that live in your memory are personal ones: weddings, births, getting fired because you knew the Serial Shooter [oh, wait - just me...]. But occasionally, there's something so...

SnakePitFest v4.2: This Time, We Win!


Thanks, as ever, to everyone who came out for the second SnakePitFest of the season. As ever, a tremendous time was had, capped off by a fifth consecutive win for the Diamondbacks, that sent the...

Diamondbacks Discount Tickets!


Mike at the D-backs has hooked us up with discounted tickets for perhaps the two biggest weekend series the rest of the way. The first is September 9-11, when the team will be honoring the 2001...

SnakePitFest v4.2: August 13th vs. Mets. Tickets on sale!


Now that the All-Star Game is out of the way, the next big event at Chase is SnakePitFest 4.2, which will take place on August 13th, when our Arizona Diamondbacks take on the New York Mets. If...

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