Diamondbacks Draft

MLB Draft Day 3: Rounds 11-40

After the first ten rounds, it has to be admitted, the odds of a jewel - or even a player who reaches the majors - become much slimmer/ But it can happen...

Day two complete, rounds 3-10

Picks 3-10 will be going down in the MLB draft today, which is being streamed on MLB.com - hopefully with less technological issues than yesterday! We'll update this thread with the D-backs picks, plus thoughts and commentary as appropriate.

Day one summary

The first two rounds, plus the supplemental section, of the MLB draft are in the books. Let's review the day's events, both for the Diamondbacks and generally.

MLB Draft Open Thread: Day One

Talk about all the selections in the first two (+ supplemental) rounds of the MLB Draft, which is about set to get under way. Coverage is on the MLB Network and MLB.com if you're interested in seeing Bud Selig standing at a podium.

2013 MLB Draft: The Diamondbacks Direction?

John concludes his preview of the D-backs draft options, gazes into his crystal ball to see what we might take in the second round, and offers some general thoughts on where we might go with our picks.

2013 MLB Draft: D-backs Competitve Balance Pick

This year, for the first time, additional picks between the 1st and 2nd rounds were awarded by the Competitive Balance Lottery, and the D-backs were one of the lucky recipients. Who might Arizona select?

2013 MLB Draft: Diamondbacks 1st Round Pick

The Diamondbacks have the 15th pick in this year's draft, which takes place on Thursday. After yesterday's overview, John looks today at who they might select with their first-round selection.

2013 MLB Draft: Overview

The MLB Draft takes place on Thursday, with the Diamondbacks having a mid-round pick. Leading up to it, John will preview the event, starting today with an overview of this year's class.

Day 3 MLB Draft: Diamondbacks and Pick 6 Contest Update

It's the third day of the draft, with rounds 16-40 taking place today. I'm not sure if anyone will be able to provide any significant information for these players, but if so, that would be what...


MLB Draft Diamondbacks and Open Thread: Day 2

The second day of the draft is under way, and hopefully, it should take a little less than 3 1/2 hours for the Diamondbacks to make a move today. Rounds 2--15 take place today, so I'll be updating...

Dbacks Select Stryker Trahan With 26th Pick

The Dbacks addressed one of their primary organizational needs by selecting Stryker Trahan, a catcher out of Acadiana High School in Lafayette, LA. with the 26th overall pick in the MLB first year...

2012 MLB Draft: Diamondbacks and Open Thread

The draft coverage on the MLB Network is under way, with the first round starting at 4pm. There won't be much of great interest for the Diamondbacks for quite some time thereafter, as we don't get...

Dbacks Ready for 2012 Draft

Tonight kicks off the start of the 2012 MLB Draft with Round 1 and the compensatory round live on the MLB Channel. The other rounds will be conducted on Tuesday and Wednesday. To say that this...

2011 Draft: Who Signed What?

The deadline to sign draft picks is typically 11:59pm on August 15th but the D-backs have stormed out of the gate to sign 23 of their picks by June 9th. Most importantly, they have already locked up three of their top ten picks in Evan Marshall, Jesse Darrah, and John Leanord.

Diamondbacks Day Three Draft Picks

The 2011 MLB Rule 4 Draft has finally come to its conclusion after the third day of pick. A list of the D-backs' 31st-50th round picks, and some notes on a few of the selections.

Diamondbacks Day Two Draft Round-Up

Day two of the draft is long in the books, and it's time to take a look at the talent the D-backs selected in rounds 2-30. From top-20 prospects at the start of the day to possible minor-league filler at the end of the day, there certainly was a wide spectrum of talent picked.

MLB Draft Day Two Thread

Details and such for day two of the excitement are all after the jump. Plenty of prime talent still left in the draft, particularly at the catcher position - rumored to be a point of focus for the...

Diamondbacks Select LHP Andrew Chafin with #43 Pick in MLB Draft

UPDATED: Alright, time to get a legitimate write-up in here about our Supplemental Round selection, left-hander Andrew Chafin from Kent State University.  After the break we'll have basic bio info...

MLB Draft Day One "Overflow" Thread - Supplemental Round

Loving the MLB Draft comment traffic level.  :-)  Supplemental Round discussions here.  As before, Supplemental Round picks will be updated here as they come. Sandwich Round #34 - Nationals - OF...

Diamondbacks Select RHP Archie Bradley with #7 Pick in MLB Draft

With their second pick in the 2011 MLB Draft, #7 overall, the D-backs have chosen right-hander Archie Bradley.

Diamondbacks Select RHP Trevor Bauer with #3 Pick in MLB Draft

The D-backs have made their first pick of the 2011 Draft, 3rd overall, and selected UCLA right-handed pitcher Trevor Bauer.

MLB Draft Day One Thread - Round One

The day is here at last!  Follow us after the break for a look at the picks Arizona will make on day one of the draft, and comments leading up to the much-awaited day one picks. UPDATE: Due to...

MLB Draft Top Ten Board

MLB Draft Top Ten Board - Which one of these prospects will be future Diamondbacks?

Diamondbacks Draft Round-Up: D minus 1

Come Monday, the D-backs will have the #3 and #7 picks in the first round of the Rule 4 Draft. An in-depth look at who could be considered at either slot, and my take on how I'd like for things to shake out.

The History Of The Diamondbacks Drafts

With two of the first seven picks in the draft on Monday, Arizona is doing something no other team has done before. And in terms of their own history, it's rare for us even to have one pick so...

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