Snake Bytes

SnakeBytes: Blanked edition

Do we HAVE to mention yesterday's game? I'd really rather not. But if you insist, here are some post-game comments, a pic of the transformation in Sydney and news from LA that Greinke may have to skip the trip. Bet he's pleased about that.

Spring Training Game #4: Gameday Thread

Back to Salt River this afternoon, alothough it's not being broadcast anywhere, as far as I can tell. Still, let's give it a chance. Join me, why don't you, in assiduously clicking the refresh button on Gameday.

SnakeBytes: 50/50 edition

The D-backs lost to the Dodgers - but that was our B-squad, so was okay. And we left the Cubs without a victory in their new park. So that's nice. Those games, Ross's recovery and the settling in of Arroyo are among the stories today.

SnakeBytes: 100% Win edition

Good way to start the spring season, with a set of solid pitching performances and tagging a rival ace with the L. Better a victory that doesn't count than a loss that doesn't count!

SnakeBytes: Opening day (of spring) edition

Yay! Real, meaningless baseball starts today folks! It's the first game of the Cactus League today, as we take on the Dodgers. The fate of the entire season stands or falls on the result of this encounter, naturally...

SnakeBytes: Belated edition

Here's a fair bit of stuff about our MVP, info on the new collision rules at home-plate, and some new items of clothing you might or might not want to acquire...

SnakeBytes: DownUnderGate edition

"Grein-ke's in trou-ble..." Yep, my least favorite player on my least favorite team is getting some flak for his comments about the worthlessness of the Australia trip.

SnakeBytes: Funday edition

We're off to the Japanese festival in downtown Phoenix - see what you're missing, Masahiro? While you wait with baited breath for the SnakePit Video Roundtable tonight, have some links.

SnakeBytes: Off-day edition

We offer a light, continental breakfast of links today, since the Diamondbacks were off yesterday, so there's not all that much to be reported from Salt River Fields. Still, there were some tasty morsels with 100% of your daily serving of fiber...

SnakeBytes: inflatable edition

Yeah, J.J. Putz is clearly in mid-season pranking form, filling the office of D-backs VP of Communications, Josh Rawitch, with balloons on Wednesday... Here's a round-up of the rest of the D-backs news.

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