Snake Bytes

SnakeBytes 7/26: Marte shines, Miley doesn't


Sweep the Cubs, lose the next three of four. That's D'backs baseball.

SnakeBytes 7/25: Rumors Fly


As the trade deadline nears, talks heat up for the D'backs. Here's everything you need to know.

Snake Bytes 7/24


Temperatures are rising outside Chase Field while trade talks het up inside.

Snake Bytes 7/23


The Diamondbacks proved to be the more resilient team on Tuesday night, coming from behind three times en route to a 5-4 victory over the visiting Detroit Tigers.

SnakeBytes 7/21: Nibbled by Tigers


For the eighth time in a row, the D-backs saw a winning streak end at three games last night. Reset....

SnakeBytes 7/21: Doesn't Matter, Still A Sweep


Now granted, the Cubs aren't a particularly good team, but a sweep to start off this 2nd half of the season is a great start for a team all but looking for good news this season. The Tigers come to...

SnakeBytes 7/20: Finding Momentum


The D'backs finally seem to be finding their grovve with their second comeback win against the Cubs.

SnakeBytes, 7/19: Under way again


It was a successful start for the Diamondbacks to their second half, as they erased a three-run deficit to beat the Cubs in their post-break opener at Chase Field last night. It also marked the...

SnakeBytes 7/18: Baseball is Back!


This time it counts for real, as the MLB starts back up its 2nd half. Trevor Cahill starts the first game against the Cubs and we see if the D-backs will right the ship.

Snake Bytes 7/17


The day after the day after is finally here.


Snake Bytes 7/16


The World Cup is over, there are no more all-star festivities to distract us from the lack of baseball. Somehow, I think discussing possible trades might be able to fill the time left until...

SnakeBytes, 7/15: Cespedes HR Barbeque


Yoenis Cespedes became the first repeat winner of the All-Star Home Run Derby in 15 years at Target Field, going back-to-backbackbackbackbackbackbackbackbackbackbackback...

SnakeBytes 7/14: First-half Over


The D-backs will take their All-Star break with the most games played ever to this point. What does it mean? Probably nothing since they're 16 games under .500 and 13.5 games behind the Dodgers.

SnakeBytes 7/13: Shutout for the good guys


The D'backs once again we're involved in a shutout, but this time they we're the team on the right end of it as they downed the Giants 2-0.

SnakeBytes 7/12: Timmy Dominates D'backs


For the first time all season Tim Lincecum finally got the better of Goldy and the D'backs, leading the Giants to a 5-0 victory.

Good as Gold


The Diamondbacks came from two down in the tenth against Miami closer Steve Cishek. The walk-off was provided by Paul Goldschmidt as he lined a gapper to the wall in left center field.

A.R.E. You Kidding Me?


Addison Reed surrendered his ninth home run and blew his fifth save as the Diamondbacks fell to the Marlins 2-1 on Tuesday.

SnakeBytes, 7/8: Tommy John v5.0 edition


Oh, look: a Diamondbacks pitcher needs Tommy John surgery. It must be Tuesday.

SnakeBytes 7/7: Time to Retool


With the Diamondbacks seemingly out of contention from the beginning, now comes the uneasy process of admitting defeat and unloading aging players and bloated contracts. Kevin Towers wasn't lying...

SnakeBytes 7/6: Start the fire sale!


The D'backs 10-4 loss to the Braves pretty much sums the season up. The fire sale now looks to be starting with Thatcher and Campana being traded to the Angels.

SnakeBytes 7/5: No fireworks from the D'backs


The D'backs harmlessly loss to the Atlanta Braves by a score of 5-2, pushing them even further down in the NL West cellar.

SnakeBytes 7/4: America Day


Happy 4th of July to all the Americans. From everyone at the Snakepit, we hope you have a wonderful day filling your faces with delicious food and preferred beverage.

Snake Bytes 7/3: Anderson, Chased


Rookie pitcher Chase Anderson only managed 3.2 innings against the Pirates in Pittsburgh on Wednesday night.

SnakeBytes, 7/2: Ninth-inning nastiness edition


Anyone else feel like last night's loss was inevitable after Kirk Gibson sent Miley out there for the ninth?

SnakeBytes, 7/1: A new month dawns


A very light day in terms of Diamondbacks news, so this will be a more broad-ranging edition of SnakeBytes than is usually the case.

SnakeBytes 6/30: Sputtering Offense


"Offensively, we only scored six runs," D-backs manager Kirk Gibson said of the series. "I think we were kind of fortunate to have two wins to be honest with you."

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