Diamondbacks Audio

SnakeSounds: 8/8 vs. Astros


Ugh. That's all I've got. Here's Kirk Gibson, Daniel Hudson - bravely facing the media after that stinker - and homerin' Henry Blanco, who was the sum total of the productive Diamondbacks offense. ...

SnakeSounds: 8/7 vs. Dodgers


Ok, who had "Cody Ransom" in the "Man Most Likely To Save Arizona From Getting Swept By LA" competition? Anyone? Anybody? Yet, that's just what happened, as his two-run homer turned around a game...

SnakeSounds: 8/6 vs. Dodgers


?Hear that? It's the winds of opportunity blowing past the Diamondbacks. Last night and tonight, we were presented with a pair of gift-wrapped chances to take the lead in the NL West. But our...

SnakeSounds: 8/5 vs. Dodgers


I don't know. I don't know why you guys asked me that. We just got done playing a game. He didn't throw the ball well. Went 2 1/3 innings. You guys think we sit and talk about that stuff during the...

SnakeSounds: 7/30, Jason Marquis and Kevin Towers


No post-game audio showed up at all last night, and so I'm not inclined to wait around for this one, much though I'd like to hear what Upton had to say. So while there is nothing from the game as...

SnakeSounds: 7/28 vs. Padres


That was disappointing. Poor defense, too many stolen-bases and an inability to take advantage of a bases-loaded, one-out situation - thank you, Cody Ransom - were the main factors in this defeat....

SnakeSounds: 7/27 vs. Padres


Phase B of Operation Giant Killer was a solid exercise in holding our ground, behind a good performance from Ian Kennedy and two massive bombs from J-Up. I think I speak for everyone, when I say,...

SnakeSounds: 7/26 vs. Padres


Efficieny-wise, it was really good. I got some early-pitch outs; got some second-pitch outs too, which was huge for my pitch count. The defense was awesome behind me tonight; Miggy was doing his...

SnakeSounds: 7/24 vs. Rockies


Obviously, you never know how it's going to go, you go out there and do the best you can. -- Micah Owings Man, I enjoyed this one, and all the more as it went on - a bit nervous as Micah wobbled a...

SnakeSounds: 7/23 vs. Rockies


We just kept pushing them early. We were running the bases well, and we were hitting the ball well. Any time you can get that, it can spark an offense. I'm just seeing the ball pretty well and I'm...

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