Diamondbacks Audio

SnakeSounds: 8/24 vs. Nationals

Okay, four runs on eight hits might not seem like an offensive outburst, but it's a veritable tsunami of hitting compared to what we've had over the past week. That, coupled with an excellent...

SnakeSounds: 8/18 vs. Phillies

Bad news: the Diamondbacks lost two of three in Philadelphia. Good news: the Giants lost three of four in Atlanta. So, short of us being swept by the Braves, and the Giants sweeping the Astros,...

SnakeSounds: 8/17 vs. Phillies

Don't have much to add to my comments in the recap on this one. The score doesn't reflect the way the team played for 3/4 of the contest, though you won't win many contests when you can only manage...

SnakeSounds: 8/16 vs. Phillies

All told, the D-backs have six blown saves in games they lost: the only team better at avoiding those defeats are the Phillies, with three. So, looks like both sides should try to avoid the need to...

SnakeSounds: 8/14 vs. Mets

A Pyrrhic victory is a victory with such a devastating cost to the victor that it carries the implication that another such victory will ultimately cause defeat. The phrase is named after King...

SnakeSounds: 8/13 vs. Mets

Man, that was fun. More info from SnakePitFest to follow, but for now, let's stick to the game, which largely turned on Ryan Robert's three-run homer to left-field - after Justin Upton was hit by a...

SnakeSounds 8/12 vs. Mets

There were some grumblings about the line-up this evening, but we should know better than to doubt Cap'n Kirk: #InGibbyWeTrust. For it was the maligned bottom-half of the order that largely...

SnakeSounds: 8/11 vs. Astros

Perhaps surprisingly, that's only the second game this year the Diamondbacks have won, after trailing going into the ninth [anyone remember the other one?]. Given this was our 32nd comeback win of...

SnakeSounds: 8/10 vs. Astros

Finally. After six consecutive days where Arizona and San Francisco kept exact pace with each other, matching wins and losses [mostly the latter], the deadlock was broken tonight, and Arizona are...

Gamesounds: 9/9 vs. Astros

Game of the Year? And quite probably the most exciting game I have ever attended in person. 7-1 deficit becomes an 11-8 lead, becomes the tying run on second with one out in the ninth [after also...

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