Diamondbacks Audio

Obscurist Diamondback of the Week: Craig Ansman

Each week, we'll turn the clock back and look at a player in the Diamondbacks organization whom you may have forgotten, or missed entirely. We begin with a slugging catching prospect, who vanished off the radar in 2005.

Joe Garagiola Speaks At His Retirement Ceremony

Garagiola speaking during today's press conference, where he officially announced his retirement after almost 60 years doing commentary. It's a fascinating collection of anecdotes, tales and baseball history, told with his inimitable style.

First day of spring in the books!

The pitchers and catchers have duly reported, so the first day of spring training is in the books. What did Kirk Gibson have to say, in his first media briefing of the pre-season.

Kevin Towers, Kirk Gibson Discuss The Trade

Audio from this afternoon's press conference, in which GM Kevin Towers and manager Kirk Gibson discuss the trade of Justin Upton and Chris Johnson for Martin Prado, Randall Delgado and prospects.

SnakeSounds: 4/30 vs. Marlins

Patrick Corbin made his major-league debut for the Diamondbacks, picking up a win and pitching into the sixth inning, with a very solid first appearance in the major leagues. Here's what he had to...

SnakeSounds: 4/28 vs. Marlins

A lot of gnashing of teeth about the bullpen, but I think what's probably been overlooked in today's loss, is that the Arizona offense managed exactly no hits over the final 25 outs. Their last hit...

SnakeSounds: 4/18 vs. Pirates PostGame: Chris Young Injury Update

After today's game, Diamondbacks outfielder Chris Young and general manager Kevin Towers spoke about the former's injury, and his prospects for recovery. An MRI earlier today revealed a slight ligament tear in Young's right shoulder.

SnakeSounds: 4/18 vs. Pirates Pre-Game

A special, pre-game edition of SnakeSounds today! We have Kirk Gibson discussing the recent injuries to the team, and also newcomer A.J. Pollock talking about his call-up to the big leagues. P...

SnakeSounds: 4/17 vs. Pirates

Well, that was a disappointing night at the park, fun though it was to hang with edbigghead, his Dad and the late arriving Mrs. SnakePit. Started off well, but the loss of Young seemed to take the...

SnakeSounds: 4/16 vs. Pirates

Hello... Hello... Is this thing on? I'm pleased to announce the return of SnakeSounds, with the D-backs having found their post-game microphone in time for this home-stand, which opened with a 5-1...


SnakeSounds: Trevor Bauer Guns 'Em Down

Trevor Bauer discusses his outing this afternoon, in which he retired all six batters faced. Thanks to Seth Pollack of SB Nation Arizona for the audio. Player loading...

SnakeSounds, 10/6: Jarrod Parker, CY and Willie B Head To Battle

After a highly-impressive start to his major-league career, Jarrod Parker's post-season debut was highly-anticipated by Diamondbacks. Unfortunately, it proved a short-lived appearance, as he...

SnakeSounds, #162: 9/28 vs. Brewers

The Diamondbacks ended their regular season by scoring five runs in the ninth, but still fell 7-5 to the Dodgers. They finish with 94 wins, an improvement of 29 on last year.

SnakeSounds: 9/27 vs. Dodgers

Well. What can I say? That was unexpected. Nope. I got nothing else. Here are Kirk Gibson, Jarrod Parker and Ryan Roberts. Player loading...

SnakeSounds: 9/26 vs. Dodgers

Meh. I'll go into a more detailed analysis of the game in the recap, though it will probably also include the word "meh". Daniel Hudson needed to throw a few more pitches in the bullpen, it seems,...

SnakeSounds: 9/25 vs. Giants

That was a lot of fun. Sweeping the Giants in front of a packed house made for an excellent final SnakePitFest, despite a certain "ace's" decision to fire a fastball at the skull of our best...

SnakeSounds: 9/24 vs. Giants

As noted in the Gameday Thread, tonight's power outage was caused by the last of the Giants fans climbing off their World Series bandwagon, and turning the lights off. However, said bandwagon is...

SnakeSounds: 9/21 vs. Pirates

Well, that was a little closer than expected. When we were 8-1 up after three, I didn't expect to see the tying run come to the plate in the eighth inning. Still, the end result is what matters,...

SnakeSounds: 9/20 vs. Pirates

Well, our magic number today is one less than it was yesterday. Admittedly, not because of our own efforts: Daniel Hudson was meh, David Hernandex was meh, and the offense was meh-squared until...

SnakeSounds: 9/19 vs. Pirates - How Tweet It Is...

Was that the best evening ever at the ball-park? Certainly a contender, right up there with epic nights like SnakePitFest Gonzo Retirement Night Chris Young Walk-off Homer Palooza, and we had to...

SnakeSounds: 9/17 vs. Padres

96.7%. That's our coolstandings.com title percentage after tonight's results. Sure, we've lost three games in a row. One was to a possible Cy Young winner, the other was with our #4 and #5 starters...

SnakeSounds: 9/16 vs. Padres

Well, that was uninspiring. Still, as noted in the GDT, tonight was the first time the team has lost back-to-back games since the end of the six-game losing streak, in Washington on August 22. That...

SnakeSounds: 9/11 vs. Padres

So near, and yet... Oh, well: we'll settle for another series win, and move on to the West coast. By the time the team returns to Phoenix, we should hopefully be close to clinching the division;...

SnakeSounds: 9/10 vs. Padres

Well, that was interesting... Seems like the D-backs in general, and Chris Young in particular, like to step it up on momentous occasions. Anyone recall CY hitting a home run in the ninth to seal...

SnakeSounds: 9/9 vs. Padres

I think today went about as well as could possibly be hoped. The Diamondbacks won, Daniel Hudson notched the victory with a complete game, Justin Upton hit homer #30, and Miguel Montero extended...

SnakeSounds: 9/8 vs. Padres

"I hate playing there!"   -- Justin Upton on Colorado Who can blame you, J-Up... Ian Kennedy picked up his 19th win of the year, and also got passed the 200 innings mark - with three starts likely...

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