Diamondbacks Game Reports

D-backs 13, Rockies 9: Sunday slugging at Socofest

When we started the game, soco joked that there would probably be twenty runs scored because, y'know, Coors. What seems like centuries - but was only close to four hours, 38 hits, nine walks and, yes, 22 runs - later. the D-backs took the series.

AZ 7, COL 2: A rolling Cahill gathers no loss

Trevor Cahill improved to 5-0 with a 2.64 ERA since the break, and there were good days for youngsters Matt Davidson and Chris Owings, as the D-backs squared the series against the Rockies in Coors.

FINAL D-backs 6, Dodgers 7

The offense started strong, the starter did okay but couldn't go deep, and the bullpen let it get away. The only way this would be a more representative game of the 2013 season would be if it went to extra innings.

Diamondbacks 9, Dodgers 4: Not Today

Plenty of offense for Arizona meant they could leave some runners on the basepaths, and they did, leaving the bases loaded three times. But the hits kept coming, and they crushed the Dodgers, 9-4, thwarting LA's hopes to clinch the division tonight.

Dbacks 3, Dodgers 9: At least dinner was tasty?

There was serious discussion at Snakepit Fest on whether or not I should just do an essay about who is better: Isaac Asimov or Sir Arthur C. Clarke. But dang it! If I sat through it, you have to read about it!

Diamondbacks 2, Dodgers 1: Not (yet) in our house

The D-backs took a two-run homer by Paul Goldschmidt in the first and rode that all the way to victory in the series opener at Chase. The win means that the Dodgers won't clinch the division for at least another day. And tomorrow's not good either...


Diamondbacks 8, Rockies 2: Dogs Bark, Snakes Bite

Record: 75-73. Pace: 82-80. Change: +1 The pre-game talk surrounded Todd Helton's last career game in Chase. As the last active player who participated in the first game in D-backs' franchise...

Diamondbacks 9, Rockies 2: Bobbling to victory

Miguel Montero got three hits on his bobblehead night and Wade Miley became the second lefty to record 10 wins for the D-backs in consecutive seasons. All told, not a bad evening.

Diamondbacks 5, Rockies 7: A-pathetic Performance

A possible win for Brandon McCarthy? A potential Miguel Montero-fueled ninth-inning comeback? No, just a bunch of squandered opportunities and Will Harris imploding. The D-backs fell 7-5 on Friday night, leaving eleven men on base in the process.

Diamondbacks 4, Dodgers 1: Escape From LA

Arizona got some early runs against Hyun-Jin Ryu to take a lead, and Patrick Corbin avoided letting runs score as the Diamondbacks avoided being swept by the Dodgers in Los Angeles.

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