Gameday Threads

Playoff GDT, #26: Cardinals on verge of extinction

My fellow SnakePitters. I come to you with a serious message. In just a few short hours, the 2013 major-league baseball season may be over, and sporting darkness will descend on the face of the Earth.

Post-season Gameday Thread, #25: Crunch time

This series is now effective a best of three, so the winner is going to fly back to Boston needing just one more win, while the loser will enter win-or-die mode.

Post-season GDT, #24: Obstruction Time Again

Well, that was certainly an interesting way to end a World Series game. First to end on an error since the infamous Buckner game in 1986, which also sent the Red Sox to defeat. How did that World Series end again?

Post-season Gameday Thread #23: Arch Rivals

There'll be no sweep for Boston this time, as they lost their first World Series game in 27 years on Thursday. Mind you, the Cubs haven't lost a World Series game in 68 years...

Post-season GDT #22: Can the Cards come back?

Last night's was a blowout, propelled equally by awful fundamentals by the Cardinals, and the impotent nature of their offense. What happened in previous World Series that opened in such a one-sided fashion?

Post-season GDT #21: The World is their oyster

The 2013 World Series get under way at Fenway this evening, in what promises to be an evenly-matched best of seven contest.

Post-season Gameday Thread #20: Lost Angeles

What has fifty legs and watches television? The Dodgers! Ah, it'll be a while before last night's mauling is not a source of joy. We could find out who they face this evening, if the Red Sox can also clinch at home against our blue/brown-eyed boy.

Post-season GDT #19: Beat LA in St. Louis

The Cardinals can finish off the Dodgers in front of a home crowd tonight in St. Louis, but will need to go through Clayton Kershaw to get there....

Post-season Gameday Thread #18: Tigers Bite Back

The Tigers got to Jake Peavy early yesterday, and this time, there was no late-inning meltdown, as they evened the series at two games apiece. Who'll take the advantage, before the series heads back to Boston on Saturday?

Post-season Gameday Thread, #17: E-day for LA?

If the Cardinals clinch today, will they celebrate by plunging into an LA landmark? Boy, I hope Kim Kardashian is ready...

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