Your Saturday Sporcle: Loss leaders

Which D-backs pitchers have won the most games? Too easy (well, for this week). Can you tell us the 24 D-backs pitchers who have lost more than 15 times for Arizona?


Happy Holidays from the Arizona Diamondbacks

Chase Field as you probably haven't seen it before...

Your Saturday Sporcle: Second-base situation

There have been 19 players to have started at least 20 games for the Diamondbacks at second-base. How many of them can you name? You have seven minutes; as usual, last names only are fine.

Your Saturday Sporcle: Base Thieves

In the history of the Diamondbacks, 25 different players have stolen ten or more bases in a season. How many can you name?

Winter Meetings prediction contest

A week from now, it'll all be over. Will the Diamondbacks be active at the winter meetings? If so, what will they do? Time to put your money where your mouth is...

McCarthy up for MLB Network Social Media Award

Time to get your clicking finger going, because Diamondbacks' pitcher Brandon McCarthy is one of the nominees for the first-ever MLB Network Social Media Awards.

SnakePit Shirts Special! 15% off for Cyber Monday!

If you've recovered from Black Friday, and have returned to your computer with most of your extremities intact, we've got a special offer for you.

Your Saturday Sporcle: Frequently Asked D-backs

We give you the forty Diamondbacks who have appeared in the most games for the team., and you have to click on the top twenty. But, beware, it's a minefield, as if you pick one wrong, it's game over, man - game over!

Happy Thanksgiving

Hope everyone, wherever you are, has a peaceful day. And remember, if you're out shopping today, you're part of the problem! :)

SABR's 1922 All-Star Game: voting open

Every April, base ball springs forth from the doldrums of winter to rekindle our interest in all things warm and green. And as spring melts into summer, the base ball world becomes more abuzz with the excitement of seeing the Game's brightest stars.

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