Diamondbacks Features

The winter meetings: Mission (half) accomplished

The winter meetings ended quietly today, the Diamondbacks and Kevin Towers coming back from Florida with one of the big things crossed off their "to do" list. Slugging outfielder? Acquired. But the question of the team's rotation remains unresolved.

Mark Trumbo, SABR-Traditional Rorschach Test

Depending on what numbers you like to favor, Mark Trumbo is either a Power God or the second coming of Mark Reynolds/Jason Kubel. In that sense, he is the baseball version of a very questionable Psychological test.

2013 'Pitties: Performance of the Year

Who gave the Diamondbacks their best single-game performance of the 2013 season? Here are the nominees, and we also reveal the contest which won Game of the Year.

Setting the Diamondbacks outfield

Who will survive and what will be left of them? It's like The Hunger Games for outfielders...

Should Arizona sign PED cheats?

The topic of what should happen to those found guilty of PED abuse has raised its head again, with the Cardinals' apparent rush to sign Jhonny Peralta to an extremely lucrative long-term contract, despite his recent suspension.

Things to be thankful for: Diamondbacks home-runs

There's nothing quite like watching your team hit a home-run. The Diamondbacks did it 130 times this year. Let's break down those, and re-live some of the most memorable examples of the season.

Could TV deals mean $110m+ D-back payroll in 2014?

It's Thanksgiving week, so we take a look at things for which the Diamondbacks should be (more or less) grateful this week. We start with the prospect of a nice windfall coming their way next year, which could help significantly increase team payroll

Kirk Gibson is Catching Fire [well, sort of...]

"I’ve been fortunate to win two World Series. And I have a premonition that I’m going to be there again. I’m just telling you that right now. And maybe it’s Goldy running around the bases this time. But it’s going to happen."

International Diamondbacks

In the Republic yesterday, Nick Piecoro wrote about how the D-backs are expanding their international horizons. But how global a team have they been to date?

The Diamondbacks' Ballooning Payroll

This was originally about how our 2014 payroll would likely be $100 million or so. Then I suddenly realized how much it had increased, in only three seasons. Where did that come from?

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