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SnakeBytes 3/18: G'day edition

The team have now arrived in Australia, and has already got in a spot of sightseeing, and their first practice at the Sydney Cricket Ground. We'll have some video in a bit, but here's a round-up of the news at home and abroad....

SnakeBytes: Corbin concern edition

Remember the times last year when I could do an entire article with updates on our injured soldiers? Yeah, it's like that again this morning...

SnakeBytes: Blown saves edition

First we were winning, then we weren't, then we were winning, then we were losing, then we were winning again. But we finally lost. Hopefully, our first extra-inning loss of spring is not an omen in any way.

SnakeBytes: Behaving Bradley edition

Archie Bradley has a tough start, Josh Collmenter's quest for love is nearing completion, and the Colorado Rockies are upset with the Diamondbacks over... Well, something.

SnakeBytes: Base-maul edition

Diamondbacks 9, Dodgers 2... Yep, fond memories of that game. Here's the recaps of yesterday's split-squad fun, along with the latest on Mark Grace, and the retirement of one of our 2007 post-season starters.

SnakeBytes: Cahill Panic Mode edition

Never a good sign to see one of your starting pitchers go crashing to the ground, clutching his leg. Fortunately, early signs are, it looks like Trevor Cahill isn't too badly hurt. Fingers crossed that is indeed also the assessment this morning.

Spring Training Game #17: Gameday Thread

After two successive ties, with the third time be the charm for the Diamondbacks this afternoon against the Cleveland Indians at Salt River Fields.

SnakeBytes: All square edition

The D-backs have ended the day tied up more often than Betty Page of late, Sunday afternoon and Monday night's games both ending level. Here's a (somewhat truncated) selection of links of Arizona and other news.

SnakeBytes: Sunstroke edition

After our excursion to Salt River yesterday, spent most of the evening lying down with something cold to hand. Yeah, pretty much how I like to spend Sunday nights. But what of the Diamondbacks?

SnakeBytes: Split-squad sweep edition

A pretty satisfactory day, as the D-backs took both games, even though they had to divide their roster in two. Archie Bradley struck out Pujols, Paul Goldschmidt is still working on his defense, and the Red Sox owner gets snarky.

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