Diamondbacks Audio

SnakeSounds: 9/6 vs. Rockies


Ouch. That left a mark. For the second night in a row, the Diamondbacks pitching staff imploded in the late innings, and this time, it cost us the game. David Hernandez couldn't get the third out,...

SnakeSounds: 9/5 vs. Rockies


Just your typical Coors Field game: 24 hits, six homers, 17 runs. Fortunately, the good guys came out on top at the end, though Micah Owings "labored" [hey, you knew I'd work it in eventually...] a...

SnakeSounds: 9/2 vs. Giants


Hate to say, I told you so, but... Well, I told you so: Saunders needs to keep things under control and not walk people. Meanwhile, the D-backs probably should be aggressive on the bases, as the G...

SnakeSounds 8/31 vs. Rockies


Rockies will win NL West Not only have the Rockies survived despite tremendous struggles from key players, but they actually own baseball's best record, having won 16 of their first 23 contests....

SnakeSounds: 8/30 vs. Rockies


Eight victories for the Diamondbacks in a row, since we invoked the aid of St. Penelope of the Cross to end the losing streak - already, one more than the ponies managed. :-) A marvelous time at...

SnakeSounds: 8/29 vs. Rockies


After last night's victory, the sun is perhaps a little less bright this morning [hey, this is Arizona, so that's a good thing!], as we look at standings that show Arizona up by five games over the...

SnakeSounds: 8/28 vs. Padres


It has been, I think all D-backs fans would agree, a good day. Arizona completes the sweep of San Diego - running the win streak to six since we invoked St. Penelope of the Cross, I note - and...

SnakeSounds: 8/27 vs. Padres


A good thing we won tonight, as the Giants pulled out another 2-1 squeaker over the lowly Astros tonight, so our margin stays at three. Joe Saunders did everything we could want, avoiding walks and...

SnakeSounds: 8/26 vs. Padres


The winning streak stretches to four, with Arizona's pitching continuing to be strong - that's a total of three runs allowed during the streak. Admittedly, this evening, we were helped by the P...

SnakeSounds: 8/25 vs. Nationals


The great taco famine of August 2011 ended in convincing fashion over the last couple of innings in Washington tonight. It was the first time Arizona had scored more than four runs in ten attempts...

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