Snake Bytes 7/10: Good as Gold

Ralph Freso

The Diamondbacks came from two down in the tenth against Miami closer Steve Cishek. The walk-off was provided by Paul Goldschmidt as he lined a gapper to the wall in left center field.

Quick Quotes

"I was thinking I might retire at 39 when this [two-year] contract is up, but not anymore," said the veteran right-hander, who is 37. "If I'm going to spend a year rehabbing, I'm going to pitch until I'm 45 if I can. Let's see how it goes."

-Bronson Arroyo

"We're staying with Addison," he said. "He struggled (Tuesday) night, but as I said we had a lot of opportunities and at the end it comes down to him but it shouldn't have."

"I think he's our closer. He's capable of doing it, and he's learning some lessons along the way. He's really not that old. It's not like he's got years and years of experience. This is part of it, and it should make him better."

-Kirk Gibson comments on struggling closer Addison Reed.

"Felt good the past couple outings, I went out there today pretty confident. For whatever reason, I couldn't hit a spot if I tried."

-Steve Cishek

"We'll see what we're going to do. He's going to play again tonight against the left-hander. We're just kind of talking to him. We talked to him a couple of days ago. He was a little susceptible to breaking balls. He wasn't recognizing them real well. But now he's starting to get there.”

Kirk Gibson on Mark Trumbo possibly returning for Friday’s game

Daily Digest

Blown Save Lifts Diamondbacks

Wednesday was Miami’s turn to suffer a blown save loss. After Miami went up two runs in the 10th inning, closer Steve Cishek was rocked for three runs in the ninth without recording a single out.

Diamondbacks @ Giants Preview

Friday could be an exciting game for the Diamondbacks. Tim Lincecum will be facing off against Mike Bolsinger, backed by Paul Goldschmidt as he goes for his fourth consecutive victory. Mark Trumbo could also be activated in time for the game.

The Future for Two Diamondback Pitchers

It looks like Arroyo’s retirement plans are changing, while it seems Gibson’s plans for closer are not.

Kirk Gibson Standing by Reed, Trumbo Returning, Hudson and Reynolds Close

Reed was called into Gibson’s office Wednesday morning. Whatever was said in the conversation did not lead to a change at closer. Mark Trumbo has been on fire during rehab. Daniel Hudson and Matt Reynolds continue to make their way back from Tommy John surgeries with an eye towards being activated in August.

Around MLB

Rick Porcello Buying Votes?

Rick Porcello will be expanding his charitable efforts, donating $0.24 for every vote he receives in the final vote competition up to  $24,000 for the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

Masahiro Tanaka Joins Another List

Masahiro Tanaka has been nothing short of stellar for the Yankees this season, putting together a potential ROY and Cy Young season. After Tuesday’s outing against Cleveland, the Japanese right-hander complained pain in his throwing elbow. A subsequent MRI has landed him on the DL. The Yankees are hoping he doesn’t join the more ominous list of 2014 TJ recipients.

2014 Free Agent Mid-season Values

SI takes a look at the value provided by some of the biggest free agents of the 2014 season.

Chris Sale Final Vote Campaign

This might be one of the best campaign blitzes of all time.

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