Trading Partners

As always, it's a question of supply and demand and since we demand unsubstantiated speculation, that's what this post is all about.

Pretty evident that this team is going nowhere this year unless there's a Dodger-like run from last year in the ballclub and based on observations of the pitching and the fact that our best offensive player is unlikely to see more than perhaps two to three strikes a game if the opposing pitching tactics hold true, it's time to speculate who might go and who might bring a return, any return of any type as the team needs to retool and shed payroll.....

I'll group the players into wholly arbitrary categories, your job is to propose where they might fit and a reasonable return. As always, you're free to castigate, ridicule, propose and suggest.

Not Going Anywhere

Goldschmidt, Bradley, Corbin, Montero

Any arguments here? Montero placed here because of the wafer thin depth at the position, so I gather he's extremely unlikely to move unless there's some kind of unforeseen blockbuster deal involving a MLB ready prospect at the same position.

We'll Listen, but only if you're serious

Miley, Owings, Pollock, Stities

Unless there's "proven" quality in the return, I can't see it happening, but you never say never, these guys are the secondary core of our franchise.

Talk to us, we're open for business (or Yours, if the Price is Right!)

Hill, Gregorious, Ahmed, Parra, Arroyo, Reed, Ziegler, Thatcher, Perez, Collmenter, Prado, Trumbo, Delgado, Chavez

I really think that the variation of potential return for any of these players is huge, but depending upon the prospect(s) and other players included, the D'Backs will listen and have to weigh each offer as it pertains to our own farm system and looking at themselves in the mirror and answering the question honestly, just who in the hell are we? Not saying that any of these guys are automatically out of town, but would any of us be shocked to see their names on the MLB update bar any time in the next five weeks? Granted, some of this would be a case of the organization coming to the realization that the game plan enacted didn't work (or sucked ass, was ill-conceived, add your own metaphoric fail phrase here) but it really does seem that these guys are trying to build a winning franchise (albeit badly, but at least Kendrick isn't Carl Pohlad).

Bargain Bin

Ross, McCarthy, Cahill and the rest of the bench....not included below. Make us an offer, maybe include some meal coupons and parking vouchers. I was tempted to move McCarthy up a level, then I failed my own urine test, meaning that my judgement has to be called into question, so I left him here.

Really, these guys are so new, we're not even sure what we have in them...

Marshall, Enciarte, Peralta, Anderson

Unlikely to to included, but you never know, Enciarte and Peralta are showing signs of competency, as have Marshall and Anderson (expectations were low, but they managed to meet them anyway!), in that they're like the first chapter of a new book; the writing may be uneven but so far, it's not that bad, all things considered.

OK, I've done the easy part, now the rest of you overly informed folks get to tell me where they go to and what we get in return.

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