BeerBQcap: Dbacks 1 Cleveland 6

Norm Hall

BBQ and Beer with EdBiggHead

Huzzah!  Another Beercap!

This time I'm at EdBiggHeads palatial mansion!


It's a very modest home.  I swear

Beer 1:  Long Hammer IPA

  • Been a long time since I had this one.  This IPA is apart of the old guard of American IPA, long since overshadowed by more aggressively hopped brews.  Still solid though.
  • (EdBigghead) Drinking my usual 16 oz Bud Light. Waiting for The Giant's beer to get cold so I can switch out. Either way, there will be blood.
  • Bigghead is disapointed I didn't flip his chicken while outside.  I sip my beer and act as nothing happened.
  • Chase Anderson, our only pitching hope this dismal season.  BiggHead brings up the excellent point that if he keeps growing his hair out he'll look like Eric Byrnes.
  • Our only pitching hope just allowed a lead-off double, or triple?  The umpires, on the first play, are mildly  confused.
  • (EdBiggHead) Already, 1st play of the game and the gods forsake us with a crap call. And now a 1 - 0 lead. * Throws Turambar through a wall.
  • After extracting myself from the drywall and picking up my beer I notice that Anderson gave up another hit, and Santana is up.
  • Two singles for us to start the bottom of the 1st and a 2nd Bud Light for Ed. Gooood. Good.
  • But...........a strikeout by Goldy and Miggy hitting into a double play ends those hopes.  More beer will be needed soon.
  • More hope leaving the stadium, just like Yan Gomes homer, hit a lady in ..........a certain area...........


Beer 2: Ghost Rider White IPA by Wasatch Brewing

  • Never had this one before, the Belgium yeast gives a little bit a tartness.  BiggHead says it tastes like winterfresh gum.........
  • Beer three for Bigghead. Another Budlight. Science!!!  When will Turambar's other beers be cold?
  • (EdBigghead) Nice single by Hillburger. Also, quotes from the background bbq...."I just stuck my W***** in your hummus bro"
  • Owings, who must be an avid golfer, took an ill advised swing at a pitch in the dirt.  Inning over:  0-2
  • Another triple for Bourn.  This night might get a bit ugly.  3-0 as Bourn gets driven in.
  • Ender makes it a game (get it?) with a one out double.   Can Parrazooka bring him in?????!?!?!?!!?!?!
  • Ender decides to get things moving himself with a steal of 3rd.  But.............challenge overrules this
  • joy.  Sigh, modern technology.


Beer 3: Lips of Faith Series Gratzer Ale by New Belgium and Three Floyds

  • Didn't even know this style existed before today, and apparently it hasn't been brewed in centuries.  Smoky and kinda spiced, like a smoked ale.  I like.
  • Top of the 4th; food has been consumed and Anderson continues to give up hits.  This time to Kluber, his first hit............................EVER
  • (EdBigghead) Eric Byrnes loads the bases. FFS. But finally I get to enjoy non domestic beer. Edbigghead, pleased with this, angry at Eric Byrnes and his terrible pitching this game.
  • (EdBigghead) "Nice full swing bunt there Montero.  My 9yr old little leaguers can bunt farther."
  • Another inning over, another inning of nothing.


"The Nothing!!!!!!"

Beer 4:  Shipwreched Imperial IPA by Mission Brewing

  • At 32oz this is the Death Star of all canned beers.  Many Bothans died to bring us this beer.........
  • Another HR for the Indians.  Hapless Dbacks are hapless.
  • EdBiggHead "This is why I drink"
  • (EdBiggHead) "When I see Towers and La Russa sitting in the same room I get the feeling that they are jaded lovers. In love but angry that one is drinking another beer. Madly in love but they suspect that the other is cheating. They don't even talk anymore. They don't even know what they argue about. Don't even say I love you no more. Cuz saying how they feel is no longer allowed."
  • Resides in Tucson?  Francona lives in TTown?
  • Well, bottom of the 6th and still no offense.....0-4
  • (EdBigghead) "When I found Turambar he was unemployed in Greenland. I'm going have to find me a new giant."
  • Yet the Indians gain. 5-0 Native Americans. ISIS will suffer for this outrage.
  • We need more beer.  Lots more beer.  6-0
  • Goldy, for the first time ever, appears to not be having a good game.
  • Game over man, game over.


Beer 5:   Harvest Fresh Hop IPA by Sierra Nevada

  • Fresh hop IPA refers to an IPA that has had freshly harvested hops added directly to the fermented.  Good times.
  • This fresh IPA is hella good. We. shall. have. peace.
  • background quote "Why are all these Indian fans in my stadium!?!??"
  • Rzepcynsjsdjhnksjikjdikndksnksnkdkj up to close.  Yup, it's over.
  • Pitty point.  1-6


Tickets, all the tickets.....

Well this game sucked.  Good thing we'll be going to a bunch of games this coming month..........nice

I need more beeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrr........

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