Game #68: Diamondbacks @ Astros

Dustin Bradford

Another day, another state... But it's still the Houston Astros. After splitting the two games in Arizona, the team travels down to Texas, for two more against the same opponents,


Brandon McCarthy
RHP, 1-8, 5.13

Dallas Keuchel
LHP, 7-3, 2.50

Diamondbacks Lineup

  1. Chris Owings - SS
  2. Aaron Hill - 2B
  3. Paul Goldschmidt - 1B
  4. Miguel Montero - C
  5. Martin Prado - 3B
  6. Cody Ross - LF
  7. Gerardo Parra - RF
  8. Nick Evans - DH
  9. Ender Inciarte - LF
    + Brandon McCarthy - P

Hey, I forgot; it's an American League park, so we get to use a designated hitter tonight. That will be forgotten man on the roster, Nick Evans, who was called up to the majors on May 28, so two weeks ago today, and has seen a grand total of eight plate appearances, in the 13 games since. He has started one game, the one in Colorado where Paul Goldschmidt got the day off, but with Eric Chavez on the DL, does seem a logical choice for the position here, especially with a left-handed pitcher on the mound. That also explains Cody Ross's presence: it'll only be his third start in ten June games.

And then, there's Brandon McCarthy. Sigh. It's now getting to the stage where the three things you can rely on in life are death, taxes and McCarthy struggling after the fourth inning. As we've done with his previous starts, let's update the relevant statistics. ERA through first three innings: 1.85. ERA thereafter: 8.22. And here's the latest breakdown of how McCarthy performs as he goes deeper into games.

Pitch 1-25 83 4 13 2 2 24 12.00 .157 .176 .241 .417
Pitch 26-50 79 10 24 3 4 19 4.75 .304 .337 .481 .818
Pitch 51-75 88 20 30 5 5 18 3.60 .341 .379 .591 .970
Pitch 76-100 64 11 24 2 1 10 10.00 .375 .379 .609 .988
Pitch 101+ 4 2 1 0 2 1 0.50 .250 .500 .500 1.000

Excellent for the first 25 pitches; mediocre for the next 25. Then... Hoo-boy. It's got to the point where I just kinda throw up my arms and embrace it. Another L tonight would cement McCarthy's place leading the majors for losses, and give him sole possession of the team record for most defeats to this point in the season. Hopefully, we'll be celebrating win #2, rather than loss #9.

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