Snake Bytes 4/17: No Changes Yet

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Arizona team President Derrick Hall says it's still too early to be talking about drstic changes to the striuggling Diamondbacks.

Quick Quotes

"I don't know what we're in need of besides playing better baseball, maybe an exorcism or something, but we've crossed over into that bad side."

-Brandon McCarthy

"We played poorly. We continue to play poorly. We made mistakes. We ran into an out, we made a couple of errors, we're not able to contain guys running the bases and we're unable to throw the ball to first base. So as hard as they keep fighting, when you shoot yourself in the foot, it's tough."

-Kirk Gibson

"There's no easy answer," Goldschmidt said. "Guys are definitely trying their best and doing everything they can, so hopefully it will turn around."

-Paul Goldschmidt

"It's far too early to say they're in jeopardy," Hall said in answer to a question about the status of Gibson and Towers. "I wouldn't say anybody's in trouble at this point."

-Derrick Hall

"It's very strange," Hall said. "I've never seen something like this where every night our starting pitcher goes four, five innings, and gives up [several] runs."

-Derrick Hall

Daily Digest

Diamondbacks Swept by Mets

While getting a better start from Brandon McCarthy, the Diamondbacks were still swept by the Mets Wednesday afternoon at Chase Field. Arizona's bats were kept quiet by a strong performance by Dillon Gee. It wasn't until former Diamondback closer Jose Valverde came into the game in the 9th that the offense was finally able to get on the board, avoiding back-to-back shutouts.

Miley, Greinke to Face-off in Third Series Opener

The Diamondbacks and Dodgers are fixing to begin their third series of the season against each other in this, the first 20 games of the season. Miley will try to keep Adrian Gonzalez from pummeling the Diamondbacks, while Goldschmidt and Trumbo will try to chase Dodgers' 32 man Greinke. Cody Ross is expected to return for Friday's game.

***(Disturbingly, the article lists Wade Miley as the team's ace.)***

Despite Poor Start, No Changes on Horizon

Arizona team President Derrick Hall took to the radio Wednesday, speaking about the team's poor start to the season.

Diamondbacks to Drop a Reliever and Other Diamondback Tidbits

It appears that the Diamondbacks will be dropping a reliever to accommodate the return of Cody Ross. There had been some speculation that Ross and Campana would be swapped with each other. This is somewhat surprising since the pitching has struggled so much, as eliminating an arm is going to increase the pressure to perform.

Around MLB

Fallout from Puig

Scott Eden's "No One Walks Off the Island" is a short story that appears in ESPN the Magazine. While Puig's story has been told a number of times, this well-written piece attempts to shed light on the questions about the entire system of getting out of Cuba that no one seems willing to admit exist.

Will the A's Redefine the Bullpen?

Ken Rosenthal asks the question and examines how the Oakland A's might be in the right position to do so.

Mets' Hitters To Be Graded, Paid Based on Grade

The New York Mets are taking strides to try and further their internal hitting philosophy by paying players with less than three years of service time based on performance graded according to the philosophy.

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