Snake Bytes 4/16: Can It Really Get Worse?

Christian Petersen

The Diamondbacks dropped their fifth game in a row, being blown out 9-0 on Tuesday night.

Quick Quotes

"Bullpen was great," Gibson said. "Did a heck of a job."

-Kirk Gibson

"It's really hard on them and it's going to be hard for them to continue to perform."

-Kirk Gibson

"I just couldn't put guys away in that fourth inning."

-Bronson Arroyo

"Terrible timing, I mean this ballclub needs a quality start from somebody bad and you always hope to be the guy to do that, but it didn't happen today."

-Bronson Arroyo

Daily Digest

Mets Overcome Injuries to Crush Diamondbacks / Mejia Leaves Start with Blister

The Diamondbacks dropped their fifth straight game on Tuesday night falling to the New York Mets 9-0 on Jackie Robinson Day. Bronson Arroyo was the latest starting pitcher to struggle, giving up three runs on the first 14 pitches of the game.

Towers Defends Decision to Keep Bradley in Reno

Kevin Towers responds to Bradley's agent and the claims that he is harming/suppressing the young pitcher's development.

Dose of Venom/Reality

A look at where things are going right and wrong for the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Can This Team Recover?

Sports Illustrated take a sobering look at the long road ahead of the Arizona Diamondbacks

Keith Law on the Diamondbacks' Future

The Snakepit's favorite baseball analyst gives his take on the future of the Arizona Diamondbacks and what he thinks of Kevin Towers' tenure as the GM.

Around MLB

Baseball Honors Jackie Robinson

Tuesday marked the 67th anniversary of Jackie Robinson donning his number 42 jersey and taking the field for Branch Rickey's Dodgers.

Napoli Dislocates Finger on Head-first Slide

The Red Sox narrowly avoided disaster Tuesday as slugging first baseman Mike Napoli came up from a head-first slide with his finger pointed in a direction it was never intended to.

Who Needs Stephen Drew? Not the Yankees.

The Yankees' Hal Steinbrenner continued to fuel the flames consuming the qualifying offer system. The injury riddled Yankees were forced to rely on moving Carlos Beltran to first base in order to field a team on Sunday.

Does Tommy John Strike Yet Again?

If it seems like the UCL injury is ravaging MLB like the Spanish Flu ravaged 1918, that's because it is quickly reaching that point. Josh Johnson could be adding his name to the rapidly growing list of Tommy John surgery recipients for 2014. If he does go under the knife, he would also be added to the list of names going under for a second time.

Related: The Perils of a Second TJ Surgery

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