NL West Off-season Roundup

Jeff Gross

It's time to see what our NL West rivals have done so far since the end of the 2013 season. Have the D-backs made enough moves to compete?

Arizona Diamondbacks

KT made it clear when he went into the winter meetings, that he was not leaving without a power bat. And on day two, he stole the headlines by trading for Trumbo in a 3 team trade. With the move of Trumbo, Goldy FINALLY has protection. With Prado, HIll, and a good Montero all in the same lineup, Trumbo's 30+ homeruns has a chance to make the Dbacks offense one of the best in the NL.

Being 29th in save percentage, KT also needed bullpen help. After getting rid of one of those culprits to Tampa Bay, he went out and traded Matt Davidson to the White Sox for Addison Reed. Reed, who will most likely be the closer on opening day, will join Dhern, and Putz as the bullpen tries to have a bounce back year.

Colorado Rockies

Coming off a 74-88 campaign, the Rockies needed to make some moves. After reinforcing the bullpen with the signings of Boone Logan, and Latroy Hawkins, the Rockies then traded for Brett Anderson, the ace starter they needed. Now, Brett Anderson has a history with injuries, and pitching in Oakland, his career 3.81 era isn't exactly ace pitching. But the Rockies needed to take a chance, and they took that by trading two top prospects for Anderson.

Their other big move was the signing of Justin Morneau. After a couple disappointing seasons, Morneau will get to hit in Coors Field, which will definitely improve his hitting. If Morneau goes back to his normal self, the already stacked lineup will be even better.

Los Angeles Dodgers

  • Key off-season additions: Dan Haren, Alex Guerrero

Even though the Dodgers can spend money endlessly, they have been pretty quiet this off-season. The Dodgers did fill their biggest hole in 2013, with signing of 2nd baseman Alex Guerrero. They also signed Dan Haren to a contract, which will solidify the already great rotation.

The Dodgers re-signed Brian Wilson, JP Howell (Insert bad word here), and Juan Uribe, three of the (more or less key) members that helped get the Dodgers to the 2013 NL West title. It will be interesting to see which one of the 4 outfielders are getting traded. Something to look forward to the rest of the off-season.

San Diego Padres

The Padres started off the off-season by signing Josh Johnson. A very interesting move considering the Padres were desperately looking for an ace starter this winter, and Johnson certainly wasn't that in 2013. But let's not forget what he did do in Florida. If Johnson can just be decent, then you have to consider it a nice move.

San Diego then went out and traded their closer Luke Gregerson to Oakland, for Seth Smith. Smith will be a nice piece at the top of the lineup. He and Chris Denorfia (Insert bad word here) should give Chase Headley and Carlos Quentin plenty of chances to do some damage. The Padres signed Benoit to replace Gregerson in the closer role, and should help give the Padres a great bullpen.

San Francisco Giants

Despite coming off a very disappointing season, the Giants were in no mood for getting rid of anybody, signing Tim Lincecum, Ryan Vogelsong, and Javier Lopez to contracts that extend their stay in Northern California. Tim Hudson should be a great pitcher in At%T. It will be interesting to see if others starters like Cain, and Vogelsong will be able to bounce back in 2014.

2013 was not the year for Mike Morse. But he is a career .281 hitter with great power. If he goes back to his Washington days, Brandon Belt and Buster Posey will have some very nice protection, as the Giants look to bounce back in 2014.

Who will win the west?

All teams have made moves. But who will win?

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