SnakeBytes: The Last of Tanaka

Koji Watanabe

Oh, well. Never mind. He's probably going to be over-rated anyway. And if not, at least he's in the American League, so we won't see him. Here's a final round-up for the man who might almost have become a Diamondback.

From the D-backs side

  • [Fox Sports] D-backs lose out on Tanaka, but not from lack of trying "We're disappointed to lose him. We had a very nice encounter. We made a very, very significant offer," Ken Kendrick said. "I knew going in if he was going to go to the highest bidder, he wouldn't go to the Diamondbacks... "We have declared ourselves as committed to making a very significant offer to someone who can be a difference-maker to our club. It may not come tomorrow. But there will be others. The agent world understands that if we like a player, we will go after him. I don't think that's a bad thing."
  • [MLB] Diamondbacks went all-in to try to woo Tanaka - The D-backs brought All-Star first baseman Paul Goldschmidt to their meeting with Tanaka and let him talk about what it was like to play for the D-backs. Hall said. "Goldy expressed himself very well. So when a player like Goldy sits in a room with a prospective free agent and speaks from the heart about what he loves about this organization and how he would like for him to be his teammate, I think it does have impact."
  • [AZCentral] Diamondbacks lose out to Yankees on Tanaka - "We presented ourselves a very competitive offer and probably made it very difficult for Tanaka and his advisors making his decision to go to the Yankees," Towers said. "I would imagine that the reason we stayed there until the end is because I would imagine that we were one of probably two or three clubs that they were looking at very strongly. Very competitive. To go into any more details than that, I really don’t care to share."

What now?

  • [ArizonaSports] They can't buy it, so the Diamondbacks must develop talent - "Somewhere along the line, it appears the drafting and developing of talent has gone a bit awry. The last couple of years have seen the D-backs part with elite prospect after elite prospect in deals, as they've been quick to sour on players who were once thought to be part of the franchise's bright future. Time will tell if the team was right to give up on them, but an organization cannot repeatedly pawn off high-end talent and hope to build a winning club."
  • [John Gambadoro] Diamondbacks should rebound from losing out on Masahiro Tanaka by doing nothing - "The new goal is to reload for next year to have a shot at a star pitcher like David Price, Max Scherzer, Jon Lester or Homer Bailey via trade or free agency. The worst thing Arizona can do now is panic. They didn't get Tanaka and that sucks, but you don't rebound by throwing a boat load of money at a number-three pitcher just to say you did something. Save the money and bypass the temptation to nab one of the remaining free agent pitchers -- unless they are willing to sign for one year -- and be a player again next year for that ace."

And elsewhere

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