2013 Diamondbacks MVP: Paul Goldschmidt

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

It's time to draw a line under last season, as we close out the 'Pitties with the award of our (virtual) trophy for the Diamondbacks' Most Valuable Player of 2013. And the envelope, please...

We completed our voting with last week's call for votes to decide the 2013 Most Valuable Player for the Arizona Diamondbacks. These have now been collated, incomplete or obvious "joke" ballots eliminated, and the final tallies are below. Points were allocated on a 5-3-1 basis for first through third.

1st 2nd 3rd Pts Votes
Paul Goldschmidt 14 1 - 73 15
Gerardo Parra 1 6 3 26 10
Patrick Corbin - 5 7 22 12
Josh Collmenter - 3 3 12 6
Wade Miley - - 1 1 1
Brad Ziegler - - 1 1 1

As could probably have been predicted, Goldschmidt romped to an easy victory, though ended up one vote short of being a unanimous first-place selection, with someone opting to select Parra instead - I wonder who that might have been? :) There was a tight race between our Gold Glove winning outfielder and Corbin for second-place: the latter was actually named on more ballots, but Parra's edge toward the top of the ballot proved sufficient to give him the runner-up spot by a margin of 26-22. Collmenter was named on 40% of ballots, and there were also nods in third spot for Miley and Ziegler.

This completes the 2013 AZ SnakePit awards. For reference, below are all the winners - a complete list, going back to our first set in 2006, may be found here:

Most Valuable Player
1. Paul Goldschmidt
2. Gerardo Parra
3. Patrick Corbin

Pitcher of the Year
Patrick Corbin

Unsung Hero
Josh Collmenter

Rookie of the Year
A.J. Pollock

Performance of the Year
Aug 13: Paul Goldschmidt - tying HR in 9th, walk-off HR in 11th, +79.8% WP

Game of the Year
Apr 3: Diamondbacks 10, Cardinals 9 (16 inn)

Play of the Year
6/9: Gerardo Parra's bare-hand force
Honorable mentions: 8/27: Martin Prado saves the game
5/17 Paul Goldschmidt 13th-pitch homer

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