NL West Off-season roundup: Payday in LA!

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

It's time to see what moves we and our NL West rivals made in Arbitration Week.

Arizona Diamondbacks

As with every team in baseball this week, the Dbacks did not make much moves besides dealing with arbitration. Josh Collmenter will be pitching in 15 inning games for the next 2 years, with the signing of his contract. KT also got two LHRP Joe Thatcher and Santos Rodriguez. The Dbacks have not exactly had great lefties pitching out of the bullpen for the last two years, with Tony Sipp's 4.78 ERA in 2013, and Mike Zagurski's 5.54 ERA in 2012. Thatcher and possibly Rodriguez will try to fill that hole in 2014.

Colorado Rockies

  • Signed Micheal Mckenry 1yr/750K.
  • Signed Wilton Lopez 1yr/2.2 million.
  • Signed Franklin Morales 1yr/1.725 million.
  • Signed Juan Nicasio 1yr/2.025 million
  • Signed Drew stubbs 1yr/4.1 million.

Nothing really coming from the Rockies, besides avoiding arbitration with 4 of their players. The Rockies did agree to a minor league deal with Micheal Mckenry, and he will only make that $750K if he makes the team. He will compete with Jordan Pacheco to help backup the struggling Wilin Rosario on defense.

LA Dodgers

After being about 3 minutes away from being fired in 2013, Mattingly will now be the Dodgers manager for 3 more years. This also means we get to hear Dodger fans blame every loss on Don for the next three seasons. :) But who really cares about that? Because Clayton Kershaw made history by signing a contract worth 215 million!! He'll be the best-paid player in MLB history over this contract. He'll be averaging $9000 every pitch!

But does he deserve this contract? Kershaw has undoubtedly been the best pitcher in baseball the past few years, winning 2 Cy Young awards. After his rookie year, Kershaw has had an ERA under three in every season, and an ERA under two in 2013. So if anybody deserves this contract, it's Kershaw. But will he be this good when he's 30 and making over $30 million? Will let Goldy decide that.....

San Diego Padres

The Padres avoided arbitration with a bunch of their key players this past week. the big one being Chase Headley. Not because it's the biggest contract in padres history, like the Padres were planning on giving him after 2012. It's big, because the trade rumors will be flying everywhere in July. After being one of the better 3rd basemen throughout his career, Headley suffered a down year in 2013. But that hardly means teams will no longer want him. With a number not having a strong suit at 3rd base, it will be interesting to what happens at the deadline, and if the Padres do trade him before the 2014 campaign is over.

It will also be interesting to see how Cabrera preforms after being suspended in 2013 for being a part of the Biogenesis scandal. Everth had the most stolen bases in MLB before being suspended.

San Francisco Giants

Nothing really big here besides signing Petit to one of the best contracts ever. Petit has been one of the best pitchers in MLB history, and the Giants are paying him 825K!!! He makes Clayton Kershaw look like a little girl!!! Oh...wait.....

Other NL West Notes

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