My 10 Bold Predictions for the 2014 Diamondbacks.


As we begin a new year, we get closer and closer to spring training. As we approach it, fans all around baseball start giving their predictions. We see all different types of people and their predictions, like the Astros winning 90 games, or the Cardinals winning the Central, etc.

So I figure on the first day of the year, it's time to give my 10 Dbacks predictions for 2014.

1. David Hernandez and Goldy will represent the Dbacks in Minnesota.

"What?!? I get Goldy, but HERNANDEZ????"

Yes people, Hernandez will be good enough to be an all star. How? Well, to start, he has the best stuff in the Dbacks bullpen when he is on. With that 95 mph fastball, and great curve, it's hard to think he will struggle in 2014.

"I don't think he will struggle again, but do you really think he's an all star????"

Here's the thing I see with Hernandez- Not only will he not struggle, but he will be DOMINANT. Like 1.23 era dominant. The thing I've seen with Hernandez over the years, is that he will go through periods of time where he is untouchable, and then he will go a period of time struggling. I see him commanding his fastball, and buckling hitters with his curveball ALL year. And that will put him and Goldy in the All star game.

2. Didi wins the shortstop battle, Owings traded in the offseason.

One of the most interesting things Dbacks fans will get to watch throughout the year is the shortstop battle between Didi and Owings. And in the end, Didi will become the shortstop of the future.

Face it guys, weather you like it or not Kt simply likes some players. And KT loves Didi. KT loves defense, and Didi could become a Gold Glove shortstop. Plus, Didi is more of a contact guy. A lot of people won't like it when Owings gets traded away, but if Didi can be a nice .270 hitter with Gold Glove defense, then we got a great shortstop for the future.

3. Trumbo leads the NL in home runs.

A lot of people just want to know if Trumbo will hit 40 home runs in Chase. Not only will he hit 40, but he will lead all NL ball players in homers. With Goldy, Parra, and Prado always on base in front, and the reliable Hill behind him, Trumbo will get plenty on pitches to hit. And with the Arizona heat, Trumbo will hit 46 Home runs in 2014.

4. The Dodgers and Dbacks will once again brawl in 2014.

Not much of a bold prediction, as these teams hate each other. In this brawl, I see it taking place in Arizona with Crawford being the one to charge the mound.

5. Patrick Corbin will have an era over 4.

Patrick Corbin was the Dbacks best pitcher in 2013. With great command, and the best slider Todd helton said he ever saw, it was a great year for Corbin.

But you can only go so long in MLB throwing slider after slider. And we saw that in the last part of the year, where Corbin had an era over 5. I know we see pitchers get hitters out, even though the batters know what pitch is coming, but Corbin's slider is just not good enough to fool those hitters. He was also one of the luckiest pitchers in baseball last year, which is not going to happen again.

Now Corbin will not be terrible, but he definitely won't be the Corbin of 2013.

6. Miggy will go back to his normal self.

Miggy was a near .280 career hitter before last season. It's hard to see him hit .230 the rest of his career. Catchers do regress after awhile( Besides Yadier Molina) and Miggy isn't exactly going to get hits by running them out. But Miggy is only going to be 31, so there is plenty left in the tank. Turner Ward will do a good job of having Miggy swing a nice smooth swing, and not for the fences. Miggy needs to hit at all parts of the field if he wants to be successful. If he can do all these things, we'll have the old Miggy back.

7. Pollock will be the Dbacks breakout star.

I know very little Dbacks fans who don't love Pollock. After 2014, everyone will love him. With Pollock finally going to get some playing time, he will get to establish himself. He led all rookies last year in doubles, which should go up in 2014. With the speed and better swing, Pollock will hit .275. And finally, Pollock will be a finalist for Gold Glove.

8. Dbacks finish 86-76

Despite the breakout of Hernandez, Trumbo, and Pollock, the Dbacks are still not ready for the postseason. Delgado, McCarthy, and Cahill is just not good enough to get the job done. The offense is not good enough to carry us to 90 wins. And will lose 5 games in April beacuse of putz.

It will be progress, but not good enough for October.

9. Goldy once again finishes 2nd in MVP

Despite winning another Gold Glove, and being one of the best hitters in baseball, Goldy will come up short to Bryce Harper. The voters will look at Harper basically the same way they looked at McCutchen.

He's on a playoff team, plays a more important position, and plays on the east coast.

It will be a shame, but Harper wins the 2014 MVP.

10. Gibby fired, KT gets extension.

Due to the Dbacks not making the postseason, even with boats load of talent, Gibby will not make it past 2014.

So why doesn't KT get fired?

Because he's the one that bought all the talent to Arizona. If Trumbo does hit tons of home runs, and Pollock preforms better then Eaton, etc, then you can't put the blame on the General Manager. The blame goes to the man on the bench. And that gets Gibby canned after 2014.

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