Gibson makes the DBacks mediocre

Diamondback's manager Kirk Gibson is one of the main reasons the team is so mediocre. His constant changing of the lineup, and batting order, because everybody on the team has to play. This is pure nonsense at this level of professional baseball. It is a great idea for Little League teams, but not for MLB.

These players are creatures of habit. When a player / players are doing well lineups for the most part should be left alone. MLB is for the best of the best, and not every player on every roster is an equal. A starting batting lineup should be the best 8 players by position on the team.

I cite last night's game versus the Giants and Yusmeiro Petit as an example. Since coming off the DL, Willie Bloomquist has batting at about a .500 clip, and not playing a bad shortstop either. In the game at Chase field last Sunday, same participants, Bloomquist had 2 of the 7 hits allowed by Petit. For some unexplained reason he was replaced in the lineup last night by Chris Owings, who I guess just had to get his 1st major league start at shortstop in what was pretty much a must win game. He could have even pinch hit to lead off the 9th inning, but he really should have been in the starting lineup.

After the game when asked why he chose Eric Chavez to pinch hit with 2 outs and Petit 1 out away from a perfect game, which Chavez spoiled, Gibson said (unquote) he felt he was the right player for the job. It's a shame he doesn't put the same thought to making a starting lineup.

Gerrado Parra is another example. For most of the 1st half of the season he was batting in the lead off position, During that time he was somewhere near the top in many statistical categories for lead off hitters. The very 1st game Adam Eaton was available to play he was put at the top of the order. Parra has mostly been played near the bottom of the order since that time, and his batting average has dropped significantly.

It seems that Paul Goldschmidt is the only played who has a hold of his spot in the batting order. All others are apparently interchangeable whenever Gibson feels the urge to make changes detrimental to the team.

I am a die hard Diamondbacks fan and attend games regularly, although not as often as I wish I could. If I could afford it and my job would allow me to, I would be at every home game. I am pretty sure I am not the only fan who thinks this way. How many of you are willing to admit that as long as Gibson is allowed to force "GIBBY BALL" on this team and it's fans, the team will be rated M for Mediocre. The won/lost records forr the 2012 & 2013 seasons proves that it is true. Little League and Major League Baseball are not the same game.


Florence, AZ

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