SnakeBytes 9/24: Winding Down

Denis Poroy

The Diamondbacks' disappointing season inches closer to the end with last night's loss to the Padres.

Quotes of the Day

“I think a lot of that is probably mechanics. He’s just a little out of whack right now. He still has the good breaking ball and change-up, but his fastball has backed up. He doesn’t have confidence in his fastball command. He’s gun shy.”

- Kevin Towers on Tyler Skaggs' struggles this year.

“He cruises along and then he loses it. I’d like to see him fix that — we need to fix that together. We didn’t get as much out of him as we needed to. He’s capable of doing much better.”

- Kirk Gibson acknowledging the existence of "Cahilling."

Diamondbacks News

Arizona Diamondbacks fall to San Diego Padres in series opener

The Diamondbacks season is lurching to an end. The Snakes lost to the Padres 4-1 in the series opener.

Arizona Diamondbacks want to improve not hitting into double plays

Kevin Towers has a new pet player to target in the off season – guys who avoid grounding in to double plays. The other areas in which he wants the team to improve: wild pitches and home runs. Martin Prado shed some light on the feasability of reducing double plays, “If somebody knows how to not hit a ground ball for a double play,” Prado said, “I want to meet that guy. I want to meet that guy and talk to him.” I feel like this cycle is going to continue (Towers picking out random attributes to value) until the Diamondbacks' roster is full of guys with brown hair named Jeff. Cuz that's what a winnin' baseball team looks like.

Arizona Diamondbacks’ Trevor Cahill to go into 2014 still chasing potential

What Cahill will we see next season? Hopefully it's something closer to late-season Cahill than mid-season Cahill.

Around the League

Rangers rumors: Ownership wanted Matt Garza, attempted blockbuster for Justin Upton -

Kevin Towers definitely would have taken this deal for Justin Upton.

Orioles' Manny Machado suffers major leg injury against Rays | The Strike Zone -

Bad news for the Orioles and their playoff hopes as Manny Machado left with a knee injury that looked fairly gruesome. Warning: there's a gif inside that's a bit unsettling.

Astros draw 0.0 Nielsen TV rating in Houston market during loss to Indians | The Strike Zone -



Less intimidating National League logos - Bless You Boys

Some less intimidating alternatives to NL logos. A few good ones in here.

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