Remember the 2007 NLCS?: I Don't.



In fact, I don't want to even remember Game 1 with the Interference Call and me as a kid throwing things on the field.


But the one thing that reminds me about that game is how our adversaries made it to play against us and eventually lose the World Series to the Red Sox.

Now lets go back to Sept. 17, 2007

Team, Score, GB

  • Arizona, 84-67, ---
  • Los Angeles, 82-67, 1 behind
  • San Diego, 79-70, 4 behind
  • Colorado, 77-72, 6 behind (5 behind in Wild Card)
  • Giants, 67-83, 16.5 behind

It was at the time that 4 teams were vying for the playoff spot and Colorado seemed to be at the end of its rope. With only 13 games remaining and there chances, seemed to be lost even with the wild card.

But then things happened. They then swept the Dodgers, Padres and Dodgers again to bring them just two games from clinching the NL west and there last team they faced for the regular season was of course... the D-Backs.

We won the first game, but winning the next two as well as San Diego losing, gave the team a one game playoff with SD for the wild card. It was a close game and it lead to the 13th inning as SD hit a 2 run home-run giving them a 8-6 lead. But they came back again and managed to clinch the NL Wild Card.

Now the reason I bring up this magical season for the Rockies is not just because Todd Helton is retiring, but it reminds me the way our team has played of late. We might appear to be out and all the odds are against us, but baseball is a game of crazy wonders.

I really don't want to bury my hopes of our team making the postseason., but i don't think our season is just yet over. We're 10.5 games behind in the NL West, 8.5 Games behind in NL Wild Card and there is about 14 games left in the season.

Dbacks Play: Dodgers, Rockies, Padres, Nats

Dodgers Play: D-backs, Padres, Giants, Rockies

Nationals Play: Braves, Marlins, Cardinals, D-Backs

Cincinnati Play: Astros, Pirates, Mets, Pirates

The Dodgers have just been swept by the Giants, and key members of their team have been distracted by injuries.Where as the Nats and Reds have had fair luck right now. But, every game on here is a deciding factor on how the final playoff spots will look.

Will teams choke? Will comebacks happen? Will we be playing the Nats in a last game deciding moment?

It all depends if we can follow the same magic the 2007 Rockies used to carry them to the World Series

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