Snake Bytes 9/14: Wasted Opportunities

Four!!! - Christian Petersen

Brandon McCarthy threw six innings of gutsy, two-run ball and contributed at the plate by notching his first major league hit. IT wasn't enough though as the Diamondbacks, despite accruing 20 base runners, were only able to push across two runs of their own until Miguel Montero hit a three-run blast with two out in the ninth. Meanwhile, Will Harris had a rare rough outing, giving up four runs in only one-third of an inning.

Quick Quotes

"Today, I didn't feel sharp at all," McCarthy said. "I didn't feel strong. It was one of those ones that you have to battle through. I've found that over the course of a season these are the ones I've really struggled to get though. I was at least able to stay closer to it where you're not going haywire in any way. That's good, and I think that's a positive sign that, even on a day where I don't feel great, I can kind of push through that and stay through it mechanically and get some decent results."

Brandon McCarthy

"We should have had a lot more runs."

Kirk Gibson

"I guess he hung that pitch on the bounce."

Miguel Montero on Dickerson hitting a double off a pitch bounced in the dirt

Daily Diamondback Digest

Bullpen Crumbles as Rockies Take Series Opener / Diamondbacks Strand 11 in Loss to Rockies

Brandon McCarthy threw 72/89 pitches for strikes in allowing only 2 runs over six innings of work, while also notching his first big league hit, a single up the middle with two outs in the fourth inning. While McCarthy's outing was not a pretty one, he did allow eleven hits, the results were such that he should have been a winner. However, the Diamondback offense was unable to push across runs despite numerous chances, and the bullpen (Will Harris) imploded, allowing five runs in the seventh inning. Adding insult to the night was the fact that the damage was sparked by a double by that Corey Dickerson slapped to right field on a pitch that bounced up to the plate.

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Putz and Reynolds Updates, Who is Closing in 2014, and Hispanic Heritage Day

While Putz may still return again this season, Reynolds may have to undergo the surgery he has been trying to avoid. Putz still thinks he has the stuff to close in 2014. The "Los D-back"s game is today.

Bob Brenly: Gibson in a Tough Spot Regarding Corbin

The Diamondbacks colour announcer, Bob Brenly, who is regularly pilloried for destroying Oscar Villareal's arm through overuse, talks about the tough position Kirk Gibson is in when it comes to whether or not to pitch Patrick Corbin anymore this season.

Will Eric Chavez be Back in 2014?

The return of Eric Chavez to the Arizona Diamondbacks could all hinge on Cody Ross.

Around MLB

Defense is Better than Ever

Tom Verducci looks at the evolution of defense in recent years and points out that even the "all bat" guys are actually not all that bad defensively, while the elite defenders may not get nearly as much credit as they deserve.

The Postseason Awards Debate

Another look at the possible candidates for the MVP, Cy Young, and ROY in each league has some interesting names to consider.

The Highlight Reel

Chris Davis

Ho-hum, number 50

Matt Carpenter

Sometimes you just tip your cap

Jordy Mercer

From deep in the hole

Corey Dickerson

You're not supposed to get doubles when you swing at a spiked pitch

Adam Jones

Showing off his Parrazooka arm in center field.

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