Fans of All Kinds: The Good & The Bad

We all love baseball. We all love being out at the ballpark, enjoying an exciting game played by our favourites, a team full of raw talent and energy. We all are FANS...some maybe even FANATICS...but yes, we are all FANS.

Since the season started, I've seen so many idiotic battles between fans...both in real life and on the internet. Over what, you ask? The subject of TRUE FANS vs. BANDWAGONERS being one of the battles, and the other of who is the BETTER fan...I've also seen a LOT of fan bashing by groups of people who seem to think they are better than everyone else and go as far as to call other groups of fans "cheap fans who won't fork out enough cash to SUPPORT OUR PRECIOUS TEAM!" Our beloved Snakepit has been bashed by some of these people as well, and me, quick to defend our awesomeness, has told them they don't know jack crap. Taking one for the 'Pit. That's me!

It's NOT about who has more money and can afford the swanky behind-the-dugout seats EVERY SINGLE GAME or who has the least money and can only afford a nosebleed seat. It's about coming together to unite in a fun time at the ballpark, watching your favourites and mine play the game we all enjoy and love!

We have many types of fans who frequent Chase Field:

There are the DIEHARDS...those who are dedicated and show up each game, sometimes with flags or cool swag of some sort that represents the team. You see them on tv once in a while or on the jumbotron. They are the fun ones to get to know and hang with. Great people!

There are the FANATICS...those who, when the team is on the road, will organize game watching parties with other fans they've become chummy with. These are usually the ones who will turn a blind eye to who on the team is struggling. Their cop-out is usually "Oh he's fine. I love this guy. He's just PERFECT!" Ummm...yeah...right. Case in point: David Hernandez, who struggled so mightily that he went to Reno via demotion and de-activated his Twitter because he didn't want to read all the trash talk that fans were slinging onto his page. These Fanatics are also the ones who think and believe they are the most ELITE fans, with their expensive tickets and their clout with the team...they talk crap about fans who can't afford the swanky seats and they butt into the business of other fans and bully them on Twitter or publicly (Yes, I have seen it happen in both cases! Also, I have been a victim of the bullying from these people. If you want to know who, just ask me. I'll tell you EXACTLY who!)

There are the the most infamous one of all, Susan...this woman is ALWAYS there and if you can't SEE her (which is unlikely since you can't miss her platinum blonde hair), then you can most certainly HEAR her, because of her LOUD, DEEP, MANLY VOICE and the broken-record schpiel she gives repeatedly about EVERY SINGLE PLAYER ON THE TEAM. Susan knows EVEFRYTHING about EVERY player. She's like the walking Google of Diamondbacks! Have a question about a player? Ask her!

There are the ATTENTION WHORES...these are the ones who have a sign for nearly EVERY SINGLE PLAYER ON THE TEAM...they think they CONSTANTLY have to have their signs shown on the jumbotron or tv. They give the Rallybacks writer's cramp every game by having them write so many signs! Or they bring a big stack of signs that when security has to make the person unroll their signs and show what's written on them, it holds up the line of people trying to get in and then you have very hot, irate fans! (Note: My friend is this type of fan and it annoys the hell out of me. She has NO consideration for anyone whatsoever!)

There are the AUTOGRAPH HOUNDS...You've all seen them. In fact, you can't MISS them, as they carry around a backpack CRAMMED full of things to get signed...or they have a binder or notebook with multiple cards of the SAME PLAYER taped to a sheet of paper or cardboard. These are the eBay Junkies. They go try to get ALL these cards signed so they can throw them up on eBay. Usually they hang around for batting practice only and then you don't see them around till after the game. They hang out hours before the game, usually at the player's lot entrances, to get anyone they can beforehand, then comes BP, and they also tend to hang out after the game at the player entrances to try and get whoever they've missed...or repeat players. Whichever comes first. These guys (and girls, some are female) are a bit of an obnoxious distraction to innocent fans who want an up close glimpse of their faves during BP, or want the occasional autograph or picture with their faves. These hounds don't care who they push and shove, or even HURT in order to get their coveted multiple cards and photos signed. These fans have NO manners whatsoever and often have very rude mouths to go with their uncouth behaviors.

Note: Not ALL people who collect autographs are like the hounds I mentioned above. Sadly, a good majority ARE, however...

There are the STALKERS: Ever seen the movie "The Fan"? if you haven't, you should. This movie gives a very good insight on what can happen when a fan's liking for a player turns into a serious obsession. Some people become so consumed with a player that it takes over their ENTIRE life. The fan will go out of their way to follow a player around, sometimes even showing up in random places the player goes or finding out where the player lives. Stalking is a VERY dangerous thing and can actually become deadly if taken way too far. Also, with players having Facebook and Twitter accounts, fans can stalk their favourites online and taunt them there as well.

Last, you have the rest of us: the REGULAR JOES...who go to the game, have their routine of getting their food and beverages and getting seated. They enjoy the game with everyone and don't particularly have a care in the world except being there to have a blast and see a game of baseball. I think we all here on the 'Pit fit this category.

As fans, we should show our respects to the team, its players, and to other fans by using our best behavior first of all and respecting each other. So you don't like the same player as someone else? It's okay to agree to disagree as long as it's friendly and not taken out of hand. Trolling is NOT welcome behavior by any means!

Luckily, we have not had any fan tragedies since the fan who was killed when she fell over the bridge on the Diamond Infiniti level onto the train tracks years ago.

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