MLB Teams and Slogans

I got this idea from Craig Robinson at Flip Flop Fly Ball. He did an article a long time ago and compared the way each team marketed their product through their website. It's been a while and I got bored so I decided to do the same thing. I took each team's header image from their websites and compiled them for us to critique. Some are bad, some are alright, and some a hilariously strange. Hope you guys enjoy!

National League:


[click to enlarge]

Braves - Quite clever. The team is the "Braves" so it's important to note that they are always brave. I hope the discussion they had when coming up with the slogan went like this:

- Designer 1: "Hmmm... Always... Alwwwaayyysss..."

- Designer 2: "Sleepy!?"

- Designer 3: "Happy!?"

- Designer 4: "Gritty!?"

- Designer 5: [sitting in a dark corner... tips his head down and lowers his sunglasses] "Always Brave, son. They. Are. Always. Damn. Brave."

[Designers look at each other]

- Designer 1: "So badass... Everyone go home. We have our slogan."

Brewers - Too drunk to come up with anything. Just slap a picture of the park's name and call it a day

Cardinals - Hey, just in case anyone has forgotten, the Cardinals have won a lot of championships. kthxbai

Cubs - Apparently the Cubs are "committed." Committed to losing? Committed to beating up Steve Bartman? Committed to Chicago dogs? Nobody knows

Diamondbacks - Classy move for the Yarnell 19 tribute. What's going on with that Obsidian background though?


Giants - "Together+Again". Not sure what significance the plus sign has but it's there whether you like it or not. The phrase sounds like a title for a new sitcom featuring Jenna Elfman and Thomas Gibson

Marlins - Jeffrey Loria, you PR genius! Brilliant usage of the stadium to remind fans every time they go to the site what their hard-earned money got them. That subtle hint of green on the bushes too! So nice

Mets - Everything is "great" except for the product on the field. You can't expect everything to be great

Nationals - Red is the color of blood. Everyone will fear us. Words mean nothing. Bow to our demands

Padres - A bridge to nowhere. So poetic

Phillies - Nice skyline. I especially like the large "Bud Light" sign that embodies the team and city so well

Pirates - Pinwheel. Pothole. Pronoun. Puncheon. Pygmalion. Alliteration isn't hard, Pittsburgh

Reds - An entire country for one team. The Reds are prepared to blitzkrieg anyone who disagrees

Rockies - Three playoff trips in 20 years! Times have never been better!

American League:


[click to enlarge]

Angels - They are Angels. They play baseball. Nothing more and nothing less

Astros - Apparently the Astros are playing a "whole new ballgame." No wonder they're so awful. Quick, someone tell them to go back to playing the old way

Athletics - It's "Green Collar Baseball" ya' hear me? Unless they are wearing a white jersey. Then it's...

Blue Jays - Eh?

Indians - Nothing to see here, folks. It's just a giant baseball with some sort of skitchy-scratchy, artsy-fartsy background texture. Classic Cleveland

Mariners - "True to the Blue". Uh oh. I wonder if they know about the new revolutionary blue everyone has been talking about

Orioles - This sort of thing is definitely not good for people like me and my childish-like mind. And no! I will not play with you! Not unless I get millions of doll hairs

Rangers - I can't really make fun of this. But HAHA Tony Romo, George Bush, SpongeBob SquarePants

Rays - What do you mean "Welcome Home"? Why are you sponsored by the Tampa Bay Times? Why do I have this tag on my wrist? What's this tube thing going into my belly button? Wait... I remember something. Something about the NSA and... [redacted]

Red Sox - The Red Sox would like to remind you that being a fan of the Red Sox is almost as good as being in heaven. I mean, look at that blue sky and wispy clouds. This is pure bliss

Royals - This episode of "I love the 80s"

Tigers - Miguel Cabrera

Twins - Note to self: Do not use cursive script when trying to sound intimidating

White Sox - #loveforthegame , #neversaynever , #keeptrying , #goodjobgoodeffort

Yankees - Almost as timeless as A-Rod's contract

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