Snake Bytes, 7/18: Play Ball!


The All-Star break is over. Most players have had a chance to get some rest and some home cooking. The hot stove has continued to get hotter. The Diamondbacks still hold a 2.5 game lead on first place in the NL West. Most importantly, it's been three whole days since the last meaningful baseball game. Let's play some ball already!

Quick Quotes

"In theory there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is."

Yogi Berra

"I walk into the clubhouse and it's like walking into the Mayo Clinic. We have four doctors, three therapists and five trainers. Back when I broke in, we had one trainer who carried a bottle of rubbing alcohol and by the seventh inning he had drunk it all."

Tommy Lasorda

"Every time I look at my pocketbook, I see Jackie Robinson."

Willie Mays

"Does Pete (Rose) hustle? Before the All-Star game he came into the clubhouse and took off his shoes and they ran another mile without him."

Hank Aaron

"I hope somebody hits .400 soon. Then people can start pestering that guy with questions about the last guy to hit .400."

Ted Williams

Daily Diamondback Digest

Second Half Hopes for the Arizona Diamondbacks

Doug Franz has a few brief words about what he hopes to see (and also what he hopes not to see) the rest of the season.

Paul Goldschmidt Stacks Up

Unlike some positional all-stars the Diamondbacks have had over the years, Goldschmidt's numbers hold up.

Calvisi's Advice to the Diamondbacks in Regards to the Farm

Although the basic premise of his argument is interesting, the idea of shipping off Hill to replace him with Owings ASAP makes me a bit nervous.

Related:A look at the top ten Diamondback prospects

Diamondback Announcer Arrested

Sixteen-year Diamondback announcer, Miguel Perez Quintana is facing charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and criminal damage.

Why the Dodgers Won't Win the NL West

Chuck Powell takes a look at the race between the Diamondbacks and the Dodgers.

Around MLB

A-Rod to Return Monday

Will he be able to perform a lick? His rehab numbers would indicate he is still rusty and not MLB-ready yet. More importantly though, does anyone actually care?

Second-Half NL Preview

USA Today takes a brief look at the teams of the National League going forward over the last two and a half months of the season.

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