SnakeBytes 5/5: Bullpen Avoidance Measures

Denis Poroy

Do you remember when the fifth spot in the rotation was up in the air? Me neither. Patrick Corbin was dominant again, yielding only one run over seven innings en route to a wonderfully non-suspenseful win. St. Patrick has yet to give up more than two runs in an outing this year.

Quotes of the Day

"I feel good, so I’ll continue working hard preparing for my next start. I just want to keep this up. I know I have a lot of starts left. That’s one thing, I just don’t want my arm to fatigue or anything like that. I just want to keep doing what I’ve been doing."

- Patrick Corbin

"Getting up on a team good and playing with a good lead was a nice change of pace for us. Kind of get everybody relaxed. We enjoyed it especially the way Corbin was throwing. Winning close games is good, but sometimes you need to just relax, everyone breathe and just get the win."

- A(ndrew?) J(ackson?) Pollock

“I loved my time here. Great city. Coaches were great. Pitching coach really molded me into who I am today. (Manager) Bud Black, same thing. Now, I am hoping to finish my career as a Diamondback, past this contract that I have now. When I have some place I really like, especially like the Diamondbacks, I want to stay here for a long time. I don’t want to play two more years. I want to play past that.”

- Heath Bell on his past, present, and future.

Diamondbacks Links

Arizona Diamondbacks cruise to win over the San Diego Padres

The Diamondbacks won a much-needed laugher, jumping on Clayton Richard for six runs in the second inning. Patrick Corbin pitched seven strong innings, and Heath Bell finished the game off in front of his old crowd.

Arizona Diamondbacks' Brandon McCarthy hopeful for quick turnaround

This had been discussed ad nauseum, but dudes are still spilling internet ink about it so there it is.

Bell gets mixed response in return to San Diego

Interestingly, Heath Bell denies ever receiving a 3-year 21-million dollar contract offer from the Padres before departing to participate in Jeffrey Loria's art installation "9 Men Surrounded by 50,000 Empty Seats." The fans in San Diego, however, seem to be holding a grudge over this phantom contract and Heath Bell's rejection thereof.

Who’s The No. 1 Prospect?: May Edition | FanGraphs Baseball

Archie Bradley has an outside chance at being the #1 prospect in baseball next year. Maybe we could trade him for Justin Upton?

Arizona Diamondbacks at San Diego Padres - May 5, 2013

Hopefully a spacious ballpark and a quadruple A lineup is the ticket to getting IPK back on track.

Around the League

Chase Headley won't listen to a contract offer? - Baseball Nation

Chase might not be interested, I however, could be persuaded to go to that ballpark daily for millions of dollars.

Woe Be the Mariners' Offense - The Triangle Blog - Grantland

Anytime I'm feeling down I just remind myself that I'm not a Mariners Fan.


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