Random Thoughts 5-23-13

So I'm sitting here at work with a slate full of projects that need work done on them. In an effort to improve my own moral I've decided to discard them for an hour while I type up an absolutely futile article very few people will likely read and would probably throw spitballs at me if they found me at a Diamondbacks game for writing it. (Look for me on the 21st row. Come at me bro.)

First and foremost.... I suck as a prognosticator. I fully concede that McCarthy is doing much better. I hope he continues his current level of pitching filthiness. Maybe he found a better brand than bullfrog for keeping his skin tanned. That's not an inside joke. You people should be posting all sorts of LOL's and ROFL's, and OMGTGISFHITIMSMP (oh my God this guy is so friggen hilarious I think I might soil my pants) in the comments.

McCarthy's last two outings have been stellar and I'm glad to see Gibby learned from his first mistake. Although knowing Gibson to be a man of grittiousness (yes I made that word up.. shut up) he would likely say he did the right thing both times. Maybe if he says it in soft tones between chews of his bubble gum we'll all just assume he knows what's best.

There is really nothing to say about Corbin. We all know he's pitching out of his mind. Lets hope it continues.

IPK is starting to look like the Yankee's pitcher that was traded, not the All Star who took us to within a couple of games of the World Series. Will he be replaced by Hudson when he comes back? I kinda doubt it, but he is looking like the weakest link this month. Who knows who it will be when June or July come around and Huddy is ready to go.

Cahill is still having a decent season. I'll stick by my statement previously that I think he'll have his best season yet. He looks impossible to hit and despite losing yesterday, I don't think he's going to give up big innings. He's just too hard to hit consistently.

Miley is a bit of an unknown right now. His last few outings have not been the Wade Miley we remember from last year. A 5.32 ERA over the month of May in 4 games is not what we want from our duck dynasty lefty. I think tonight we should all show up with duck callers and quack each time he takes the mound. Make him feel at home in the bushes. Maybe they should put up a camo blind over the bullpen fence between the field and the bullpen. Make him feel like he's hunting wabbits.

Goldschmidt cannot continue to hold this ballclub up. He's the only one who has been able to hit with RISP and we're starting to see a decline in his numbers. Right now he's has a .400 BA with RISP. While the team is a miserable .227. I don't know what the team's BA would be without him but I'm willing to bet it would be dead last in the game. Someone else needs to step up, and so far that's only been Chavez when he's available.

Hill is out, Kubel is hit and miss, Ross has decent overall numbers but only %15 of base-runners score when he's at the plate. I don't even need to look up the numbers on Prado to know he's been struggling to find some RBI's.

So there are two ways to look at this. Either we need some sort of shake up in the lineup to fix the problem (maybe even a trade.... I know, I'm going to hell just for suggesting it), or we say "Well, as poorly as these numbers are we're still in 1st place... just wait til Hill and Eaton get back, then we'll really rake!".

Personally, I go to the dance with the person who brought me... but then I like to find the hottest woman on the floor and give her a big wet one right in front of her roided up boyfriend. Both times I've lived and won a hell of a settlement. Ok so this is becoming a terrible analogy. I guess what I mean to say is I'd stick with what ya got unless Godzilla with a bat says he wants to play left field. Then we'd have our own green monster in left.

I have no idea what to do about our minor league guys. Seriously Skaggs is dealing again, Archie Bradly is tearing it up, Kila Ka'aihue is having one of the best season of his minor league career, Chris Owings is batting .340 at Short... the list of talent goes on and on. Obviously we're not going to drop one of our starters to bring up an unknown commodity in our rotation. We're not about to sit Goldschmidt so that a guy who's been sent down twice can get a third shot. And who wants to sit Didi down for someone with a lower BA of .340 (Didi is at .348). Seriously it's a wealth of riches down there. It makes you wonder how Hinske still has a job.

Speaking of Hinske, I know he brings in a "veteran presence and professionalism" but seriously. He's no where near Goldie's WAR. He's batting .182 with 4 RBI's in 35 plate appearances. I want someone who can REALLY be Goldie's backup. How could Kila do any worse?

Miggy is clearly still in a slump. In fact it's worse in May (.172 BA) than it was in March/April (.200 BA). He still seems somewhat cautious and over-thinking at the plate. If I were his manager I'd tell him to stop all batting practice for a period of at least 1 week. I say this from experience and not just idealism. Sometimes the best thing you can do for your swing is to stop working on it. Unfortunately with the grittiousness of this team I don't know if he can do it, or if anyone knows to tell him. We might have to face up to this being the way Miggy plays for the rest of the year.

As for Prado, his numbers are starting to creep up a little. He was batting .217 through March/April and has been .253 in May. I think the pressure is finally starting to wear off and he's getting back into the game. He was comfortable in Atlanta and thought he had a long term home there. Everyone liked him there and when everyone likes you, it's hard to imagine someone letting you go. Despite being a professional, he's a human being and things like this affect people. I'm glad to see he's finally starting to settle in. Winning games is usually the magic elixir.

The bullpen has finally somewhat stabilized. I don't think Putz's closing job is in any great jeopardy just yet mostly because Bell hasn't been called on as much. However, the fact that the same injury has happened to Putz two consecutive years MUST have KT thinking about the longer future of the bullpen. Hernandez has looked sharp lately. Opponents are only batting .235 and 0 runs in his last 4 appearances despite giving up 4 hits. Problem is, they didn't put him in the closing roll when it opened up. What does that tell you about their confidence in him for it?

Bells numbers aren't sparkling in the closing spot. 6.75 ERA over his last 3 games giving up 2 ER and blowing one of his 3 save opportunities. But really, Putz's numbers weren't that great either. 4.26 ERA over the year and a 1.579 WHIP with 4 blown saves in 9 opportunities. If the Diamondbacks at all fear that JJ's health might continue to haunt the club they may be looking for a more permanent solution. Do they look outside for a trade or finally give DHern his chance?

We've also seen Matt Reynolds turn back into a frog, metaphorically speaking. Please don't lick his back trying to get high. Over the last 2 weeks he's lost 2 of the 4 games he's appeared in. ERA is 9.00 and his WHIP is a whopping 3.667. His overall for May is 9 games, 12 strikeouts, .375 opponent BA, .438 Slugging and 0 double plays grounded into. That's right, in his last 9 games he has not gotten a single double play ball. This is a far cry from the Matt Reynolds we saw of April with .140 opponent BA and 8 total bases given up.

Even though Sipp hasn't been dreadful in May, you can't really say we have a reliable lefty out of the pen.... which brings me to my final point.

I have been harping on getting a deal done to trade AJ Pollock since the end of April. I feared his numbers would slide and with it, his value in a trade. In May he's batting .250 which is down from .256 in April, and his slugging went down from .476 to .375. He had 10 RBI's in April but only 5 so far in May. The shine is starting to wear off and soon he'll just be another guy we could bring up from our stellar farm system again.

I think he deserves a spot somewhere on someone's MLB team, but for Arizona he'll soon be crowded out when Eaton returns. YES, we COULD trade Kubel and I wouldn't mind trading him instead of Pollock... however you have to consider the problem I pointed out when talking about Goldschmidt. We need to keep guys around that can drive it in the gap. Yes Pollock has an impressive number of doubles but how many have come with RISP? How many of them were singles that he legged out while the defense was sleeping? He's not an RBI guy. This year he has 15 RBI's in 153 plate appearances. Kubel has 12 RBI's in just 79 appearances. That's nearly as many RBI's as Pollock in HALF the attempts.

I fully understand the argument for trading Kubel. His contract is up next year and he's been injured. But he's a lefty that can help protect Goldschmidt and DOES play a decent left field. I don't care what Saber-metrics say. How many assists did he have last year? 14. It was more than Parras 8.

I think the bullpen needs shoring up. I don't have 100% confidence in our two lefties. There are a few ballclubs that might be willing to part with a lefty for a solid outfielder who gets a lot of hustle doubles. So long as that's the label AJ still has. As time goes on, he might lose it.

Ok, I'm out. I've got lots of work to do so I'll spend the rest of the day refreshing this page checking out the comments instead.

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