Random Thoughts


From time to time I get random thoughts that pop into my head and usually I just utter them to my wife. She likes the Diamondbacks but frankly, she's not nearly into the game as much as I am. So, I've begun to just keep my thoughts to myself lately.

However, now that I've discovered a captive audience here on, I've realized I can now drop bombs on my peeps like a schoolyard bully dropping the pants of his victims. Ok, not really sure how that visualization really matches the intent of the message but you all get the point, right?

So here are my random thoughts for 5-10-13.

1. I'm glad I was right about JJ. I predicted it was just a strained arm with pinched ulnar nerve. Yay me. It took me a little over a month to overcome the same injury myself and I had to learn a different throwing motion to avoid having the same problem happen again to my arm. I don't know that JJ will have to change his throwing motion, but he will need at least a month even with rehab.

2. With JJ out for a month, there's a good chance Heath Bell might take over the closing spot permanently... assuming he continues to do well in the spot.

3. The stat that jumps out at me the most: .222 BA with RISP. That puts them at 22nd in all of MLB. When there is no one on base, they're the best in MLB at .295. Miggy and Prado's cold bats, and the absence of Hill are really being felt. The guys that are supposed to knock in the runs besides Goldie. But despite those poor numbers, they're tied for 1st in the division and 2nd most wins in MLB as of this article. Just think what will happen if Miggy and Prado get hot, then Hill comes back.

4. I say this absolutely loving the way this guy plays baseball, but they NEED to trade AJ Pollock soon. His stock is slowly going down. We've seen what he can do and at times he's lightning in a bottle, but not enough to be an impact player on this roster. He's been in a long slow slump and soon when Adam Eaton comes back someone will have to go back down to Triple-A. It would be better to send him somewhere and get a lefty middle reliever to give even more options in the bullpen, or even another backup to Goldie at 1st while he is still seen as valuable enough to be had by some other team. Sending AJ back down would just drop his market value, and he would only be good as an option if someone else got hurt in the outfield. We already have plenty of options in the outfield. Right now we could do without AJ altogether really. It's possible to trade him right now, even without Adam back. We have 3 solid outfielders and Martin can even play out there if needed until Adam's return.

5. Miggy still doesn't look right at the plate. As odd as it may sound, I think he needs to go back to the approach he's had the last couple years at the plate. Swing wildly until he gets 2 strikes. THEN settle down his swing and just try to find a hole. He looks almost too cautious at the plate and I think it's because it's been drilled into him that he needs to settle down his swing.

6. I predicted earlier that this will be the best year Cahill has ever had. I still think so. His ball movement is just ridiculous. He gets into trouble when the umpire gets deceived and doesn't know when a strike is a strike because of all the movement.

7. Can we call the McCarthy experiment over yet? I know Skaggs hasn't exactly been everything we've hoped for down in Triple-A, but I don't see how we could get any worse.

8. When will teams learn you shouldn't run on Parra? I'm glad they haven't learned yet, but still. You'd think the scouting reports would highlight this.

9. Didi is BETTER than a young Derek Jeter. Well, so far.

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