SnakePit Fantasy Baseball, Week 4

Patrick Smith

Edwin Encarnacion had five home-runs this week, to be our Fantasy Player of the Week. Here are all the results, standings and upcoming games from the SnakePit Premier League.

Week 4 Results

AZ SnakePit 4, Waffles 6
Snake got three Hr from Bautista, but struggled at the dish, hitting only .222. Cruz had two HR and drove in nine for Waffles, who also picked up a Win and 20 strikeouts from Cingrani, piling up 74 K's for the week. Both teams has solid closers, Reed (AZ) and Street (Waffles) each Saving three.

MyWieterGetzLongoria 7, Alabama Slammers 3
Wieter picked up their first victory of the season, and had both Hitter of the Week Encarnacion (five HR and eight RBI) and Pitcher of the Week Hernandez (two W, 16 K, 0.64 ERA). The latter helped them to a 2.41 team ERA. Alabama got a W + 14 K from Hamels and seven RBI by Gordon.

Phoenix Platypi 8, Moved Upton 2
The Platypi hit .217, but that was enough, with Davis's two HR and seven RBI taking them to four of the five hitting points, despite Upton's three HR for Upton. Moore notched two wins and 18 strikeouts for Phoenix, and they had a 2.26 ERA. Johnson notched a W and three Sv for Moved.

Sofa King Juiced 8, Got Grittiness? 2
Sofa's solid victory helped open up some daylight at the top, hitting .295 behind Seager (two HR, .346 BA) and Napoli (seven RBI, .320 BA). Buchholz led their pitchers, posting a Win and 10 strikeouts, with Happ fanning 11. Miller had a W + 15 K for Grittiness, and Mujica three Sv.

Mizzoula Osprey 4, Blonde Streaks 5
The ESPN Game of the Week lived up to billing, Blonde edging things thanks to a tie in SB. They dominated hitting, behind Stanton (three HR, eight RBI) and Howard (two HR, 10 RBI), but Mizzoula were almost as dominant on the mound, with Sabathia getting a W + 12 K's, and Iwakuma 11 K's.

Dirt McGrit 3, The Fighting Amish 5
HR and SB ended tied, but this was a pitching-heavy match-up. Dirt got a Win and 17 strikeouts from Sanchez, and Price a Win plus 14 K's. But the Amish responded with a W + 14 strikeouts from Masterson, backed with a W and two Saves by Putz. Moss (Amish) scored seven for Fighting.

CompleteGameShutout 3, Space Wizard 5
Space lifted themselves out of the relegation zone, dropping Complete into their place. Crawford let their offense with three home-runs, and Burnett (Win + 13 strikeouts) the pitching staff. Rivera notched four Saves for Complete, who got two HR and eight runs driven in by Betancourt.


Rank Team W-L-T Pct GB Last Waiver Moves
1. Sofa King Juiced 30-10-0 .750 - 8-2-0 2 7
2. Mizzoula Osprey 26-11-3 .688 2.5 4-5-1 14 9
3. Phoenix Platypi 24-14-2 .625 5 8-2-0 3 4
4. Waffles 23-16-1 .588 6.5 6-4-0 10 13
5. Blonde Streaks 21-16-3 .563 7.5 5-4-1 12 9
6. Moved Upton 22-17-1 .563 7.5 2-8-0 4 6
7. Alabama Slammers 20-16-4 .550 8 3-7-0 6 11
8. Dirt McGrit 19-18-3 .513 9.5 3-5-2 11 7
9. AZ SnakePit 18-19-3 .488 10.5 4-6-0 1 3
10. MyWieterGetzLongoria 16-21-3 .438 12.5 7-3-0 8 7
11. The Fighting Amish 14-22-4 .400 14 5-3-2 7 9
12. Space Wizard 12-25-3 .338 16.5 5-3-2 5 2
13. CompleteGameShutout 9-29-2 .250 20 3-5-2 9 10
14. Got Grittiness? 9-29-2 .250 20 2-8-0 13 13

Week 5 Games

AZ SnakePit vs. Sofa King Juiced
MyWieterGetzLongoria vs. Waffles
Phoenix Platypi vs. Alabama Slammers
Mizzoula Osprey vs. Got Grittiness?
Dirt McGrit vs. Blonde Streaks
CompleteGameShutout vs. The Fighting Amish
Space Wizard vs. Moved Upton

Phoenix Platypi vs. Alabama Slammers is the ESPN Game of the Week, the only one pitting two teams from the top half against each other this round. Platypi have three of the top five players, in Davis, Darvish and Moore; the Slammers have been led so far by Crisp, so will probably need to step up their game to have any realistic chance of taking victory this week.

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