Snake Bytes, 4/21: After the smoke clears Edition

Dustin Bradford

Despite having some "rocky" innings, Cahill got the job done on Saturday. However, the Diamondback's alternate lineup was mostly ineffectual while Nieves' day was rough on both offense and defense. The Diamondbacks will be looking to the struggling McCarthy to stop the bleeding this time.

Quotes of the day

  • "I just took strike three and threw my bat and was walking out to the outfield. I heard a roar, and I really didn't know what was going on, and I turned around and saw Gibby coming out. I assumed he'd thrown me out, so that's how I found out."
    -- Cody Ross
  • "To be honest, I was frustrated with myself, with us, the way we've been not swinging the bats the last few games. It's just a lot of frustration. I didn't say anything. I didn't look at him. It was kind of bizarre."
    -- Ross

  • "I removed Cody Ross from the game because after I called Strike 3 on him, he then, over his shoulder in anger and in disgust of the call, threw his bat high in the air... [Gibson] was just arguing and started saying a lot of negative things toward me."
    -- thin-skinned home-plate umpire Chad Fairchild

  • "I didn't really have any command of the sinker, so I was going to other pitches. I was kind of working off everything but the sinker, which is usually the opposite of what I do.. I just kind of felt lost for a while. It was tough. I never felt like there was an easy inning. I felt like I didn't have any put-away stuff. I got 0-2 on a couple guys, and I just didn't really know what to throw from there."
    -- Trevor Cahill

  • "We didn't play a very good game early. We made a couple errors, gave up an unearned run, made a couple outs on the bases. We had a shaky start, but Eric's home run definitely lifted us up. We had a lot of pressure on, and we were unable to finish it out."
    -- Kirk Gibson

Offense Unable to Support Cahill's "Gritty" Outing

Trevor Cahill worked through difficulties pretty much from the first pitch of the game. Despite not having his best stuff, he managed to turn in a quality outing and keep his team in the game. Unfortunately, it was one of those days for the Diamondback's offense, and Jorge de la Rosa managed to look like an ace pitcher.

Eric Chavez Vents

Eric Chavez has some gripes with the current scheduling of games that resulted in the Diamondbacks getting in at 5:30 a.m. on a game day. "That scheduling thing from New York was kind of — I wish they would do something about that on travel days. We were just flat. It took us seven, eight innings today to do something... Getting in at 5:30 (a.m.) is just not fair. I sound like a whiny baby, but it’s the truth. We’ve been flat and I think that’s why."

Diamondback Prospects After Week 2

Gil Imber gives his top 10 prospect rankings for the Diamondback's farm.

Around MLB

  • They say money can't buy you happiness or health, and the Dodgers are proving that. They were swept in a double-header by Baltimore, so have now lost six in a row. They just put Chad Billingsley on the 15-day DL with elbow pain: Billingsley chose rehab over having Tommy John surgery in the winter, so this is definitely not a good sign for him.
  • Jean Segura's adventures on the base paths are still too funny to let them die just yet. Jason Stark gets into a historical look at other comparables in terms of box score performance.
  • Houston Astros Pounded, but Things are Looking Up In a true case of schadenfreude, I have been watching the Houston Astros to see how many record of futility they would break this year. Despite getting pounded 19-6 by the Scott Kazmir led Indians and striking out 10 times, the Astros have managed to find some plate discipline in the last week and get their strikeouts per game to under 10. Meanwhile Seattle and Cincinnati are starting to nip at their heels in the strikeout department.
  • On a related note, why so many strikeouts? Interesting theory from an assistant to a GM: "It’s steroids. It’s no secret that players took steroids to improve their strength and vision. As players begin to get off the stuff because of the tougher penalties, hitters can’t wait as long to swing. They’re getting fooled on pitches that just a few years ago they’d be able to wait on and at least foul off."
  • Pretty intense atmosphere at Fenway yesterday, as the Red Sox played their first game there since the attacks on the Marathon. Neil Diamond sang Sweet Caroline and David Ortiz dropped a live F-bomb when speaking to the crowd before the game. However, the FCC and chairmain Julius Genachowski, clearly not a Yankees fan, will look the other way, just this once:
    Of course, there's now a T-shirt available...

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