SnakeLines, Week 3: Goldschmidt Hits

A better week for the house in the SnakePit Casino, as the Arizona pitchers surpassed expectations and kept the offense in check. Here are the results, and the first individual line of the season.

Week 2 Review

The line was for the Diamondbacks' pitchers ERA, and was set at 3.99. The majority of the action was on the pessimistic side, with nine of the 16 participants opting for the true result to be over. However, spear-headed by a pair of excellent outings from Patrick Corbin, our men on the mound proved more than up to the task. They shut out the Dodgers twice and only allowed more than four runs once, posting an excellent overall figure for the games against Los Angeles and New York of 2.78, more than a run below the line. So, who came out ahead?

  • Winners: :Marc Fournier, AJV19, Gildo, blank_38, navyazfan, AzRattler and Maizefed
  • Sinners: GuruB, littleRoom, grimmy01, rd33, azshadowwalker, azcougs, imstillhungry95, TolkienBard and Shawnwck

A point goes to all those in the top row, while the rest of the entrants get to go home and lick their virtual wounds. Let's update the over standings and see who's where:

  • 2 points
    Marc Fournier
  • 1 point
  • 0 points

Week 3 line

Paul Goldschmidt has been the engine room powering the Diamondbacks offense thus far, batting .356, good enough to put him the top ten National League hitters. Will it continue as he goes through Coors Field, then back to sea-level at AT&T Park? Here are some numbers to help you decide:

  • 2013 so far: 15 games, 21 hits
  • Last six games: nine hits
  • Last series at AT&T: three games, four hits
  • Last series at Coors: four games, six hits
  • And yes, the way the pitching matches up, looks like he will get to see Tim Lincecum for the finale in San Francisco

Will Goldzilla continue his excellent pace? Or is this going to be the week where regression kicks in? The SnakePit Casino sets the line as follows:

Goldschmidt hits this week: 6½

To take part, just put OVER or UNDER in the comments, before first pitch at Colorado tonight (more or less), and you'll be entered for this week's round.

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