Snakebytes 4/16; Ken Kendrick - Sartorial Svengali


The Chase Field Dodgers fans tell their side of the story. Brandon McCarthy looks to get off the schneid against the aging Yankees. Miguel Montero wants to call a better game. Plus, Ben Revere gets on his horse but the British ain't coming.

Quotes of the Day

“It’s not his fault. We were on the same page because he was throwing everything I called. I just think I was on a different page. I don’t know why I never called that many secondary pitches or breaking balls. I wish I knew.”

- Miguel Montero accepting responsibility for Brandon McCarthy's less-than-stellar previous start.

“Anytime you try to ramp things up, it just leads to problems. It’s just like when you start lending credence to something bad happening. You’re allowing yourself to fall into the highs and lows of the season, which is too much. I try to stay as even as I can.”

- Brandon McCarthy on keeping an even keel despite his rough first outings.

Diamondbacks Links

McCarthy starts in series opener vs. Yankees

Ah tradition! I remember my grandfather taking me upon his knee to regale me with fondly-remembered tales of early season battles between these two bitter rivals. And someday I hope to do the same with my progeny, filling their curious minds with embellished yarns about legendary showdowns between the great Phil Hughes and Cliff Pennington. Anyways, this new inter-league schedule is strange. Do people like the change? I'd rather inter-league play be abandoned. Before you know it the National League will adopt the designated hitter. Cats living with dogs, etc. The point being, get off my lawn!

Dodgers Fan Who Was Forced To Change Shirt: D-Backs Owner "Is A Bully"

The amateur cell phone enthusiasts Dodgers fans seated behind home plate the other night offer their side of the story. According to the Dodgers fans, Kendrick was a bit less gracious than the Diamondbacks' PR statement would have you believe, with Kendrick allegedly threatening the fans with removal by security if they did not comply with the dress code. This should come as no surprise as the Diamondbacks have been known to take the sartorial choices of their associates very seriously. Shout out to Daron Sutton, I know you're probably reading this.

Arizona Diamondbacks' Miguel Montero absorbs blame for Brandon McCarthy

It will be interesting to see if the new-ish battery mates can get on the same page and harness McCarthy's stuff (which is apparently the best it has ever been if McCarthy's interviews are to be believed). Other story lines of note: Will Aaron Hill be placed on the DL? Bob McManaman (fanana nana fo fanaman) speculates that the hot-hitting Didi Gregorious may be called up, presumably to DH, if the Diamondbacks do elect to place Hill on the DL.

The 8 Debate: Worst major league teams -

Not to open up old wounds, but the 2004 Diamondbacks make the cut at number six on the all-time worst seasons list. The Cleveland Spiders take the top spot because Cleveland.

Around the League

What's the real impact of the spate of MLB injuries? -

The Diamondbacks have not been immune to the injury bug, but it could be much much worse.

Adam Dunn’s Failed Experiment - FanGraphs Baseball

Holy cow, this is way more than you would ever need to know about Adam Dunn. Adam Dunn doesn't know this much about Adam Dunn. The article is a good read though, as it discusses some hitting philosophies that the Diamondbacks have challenged with the construction of their current roster.


Somebody call Jodi Arias, this is what competent defense looks like.

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