Should the D-backs Win Now, Retool, Rebuild, or Stand Pat?

Archie Bradley - USA TODAY Sports

I've changed my sig because it sums up where I think the team is at. Hoard Pre Arb, Pre FA, and Minor League Talent.

They are locked in with some reasonable contracts for Prado and Hill. Some not so reasonable contracts for Montero and Ross, and for this year Bell and McCarthy.......and if he doesn't "blossom" by 2014 Cahill is awfully expensive for them at that point too.

If they were inclined to tear it down and rebuild they could actually move all or most of these guys and get quite a lot of minor league and pre arb talent back. But then they don't have a shot to win anything before 2017 most likely, and I doubt KT is going to go the rebuild route.

They don't have the financial resources to splurge on whatever few top free agents there are, and they are not close enough to being a championship caliber team, (in my mind at least) that I think they should trade away a top prospect like Bradley , or even their B prospects like Davidson, Owings, Skaggs, in an effort to "win now".

So I think the best thing for the D Backs to do is ride their wave of mediocrity and don't do any more damage to their future by trading away any of their minor league or pre arb talent.

They just aren't close enough to the top level to make that worthwhile. I believe the best this team is going to do, even if they got one Top or Rotation starter or one big slugging outfielder onto the roster, (no way they can achieve both) is to get to the edge of Division title contention and maybe get in to a 1 game WC, but highly unlikely to get to a World Series. Yeah yeah....the playoffs are a crap shoot, and all you have to do is get in to have a shot. But "win now" moves when the pieces to win now are not really in place are destined to crap out 98% of the time and then you are hamstrung for years.

Don't do it.

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