Kevin Towers and Kirk Gibson end of season media session

After the last game at Chase Field on Sunday, GM Kevin Towers and manager Kirk Gibson spoke to the media for half an hour. Here's the full video of the session [video courtesy of the Arizona Diamondbacks]

In the session, both men discuss the season just finished, and what the team need to do, in order to be more competitive going forward. Yes, I know it's difficult to hear the questions being asked, but you can generally work backwards, and more or less figure out what those were, from the answers given. Here's a quick summary of some of the standout points:

Kevin Towers

  • "We had some players that regressed, along with the injuries and some things that we're going to look at, as we go into the off-season - hit into a lot of double-plays, gave up a lot of home-runs."
  • "Probably need s little bit more power in the line-up, a corner infield position or a corner outfield position... Maybe it's from within our organization, maybe it's Matt Davidson - he performed very well. Have to take a strong look at our bullpen, we still struggled a bit left on left. I don't see wholesale changes."
  • "We're probably looking more at trade partners than free-agents."
  • "I wouldn't say that I'm overly worried about our starting pitching."
  • "I'm happy with the Upton trade... The depth that we acquired in the deal, we'll have a better idea in the next 2-3 years... but long term, the depth helps and being able to control those players for multiple years."

Kirk Gibson

  • "We had a good clubhouse from start to finish... Had some tough times in the middle of the season. by the end of the year, the guys were a bit worn-down from grinding it out. But they stick together; there were really no cliques, you guys were in the clubhouse - they like it each other, they feel bad about where we finished, and we feel like we've got a great nucleus of people... I don't feel like we're that far away
  • "Pitching-wise, it didn't work out the way we thought it would. The three guys we thought would be significant contributors - not that they didn't contribute, but not how we thought they would. The bullpen, we had out troubles midway through the season, then later, our hitting went south on us."
  • "We want to play a very aggressive game... You look at the Pittsburgh team, what did they do? They weren't that far away: they executed, they had a special year, they had a lot more depth in the bullpen this year. We're not going to have 50 different things: it's going to be a couple of things, then we'll retool and we'll go."
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