Yankees West 5, Diamondbacks 4: I WANNA PUKE

Record: 66-69. Pace: 79-83. Change on 2011: -10

Every game is a must win, right? We are not officially eliminated yet, so there is hope, right? We are up in this series two games to one, and we can do this, right? Wade Miley is 4-0 in Sunday "day games," so this should be no problem, right? Last time we rocked Capuano. Diamondbacks are on a roll now that we are playing spoiler. Can we send LA downward in the standings? Things started off ok and we were winning in the bottom of the 9th inning. Certainly, we will put JJ in to slam the door and send us all to Happy Land.

Well we almost did. Details after the jump.

Final - 9.2.2012 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
Arizona Diamondbacks 0 0 1 2 0 0 1 0 0 4 8 0
Los Angeles Dodgers 0 1 0 0 0 1 1 0 2 5 11 0

The first inning started off on a high note, Sea Why hitting for a leadoff double. Aaron Hill came in and bunted to get CY to third: Hill was out, but no problem, we're gonna score a run here for sure. Justin comes to bat and chases a pitch down and away but manages to hit it to Hanley Ramirez who proceeds to throw to home and CY gets tagged out. Lovely, I know: here we go again. I hate you for that, Matt Treanor. Justin does end up on second base but Kubz hits a 3-2 count to Andre Ethier for the third out. Now it's commercial time and I get to listen to my 700th Transformer video game crap.

Miley comes in...Ellis pops out to Justin for out one, Shane pops out to New Guy for the second out, and Adrian strikes out to end the inning 1 2 3. Sweet! Second inning Goldy smacks one to third but could not beat the throw by Luis Cruz to first, one out. Montero up, hits to Ethier for the second out, and New Guy pops it up to Shane for out three. [The ball was hit to left field - Cruz thought he had it but was nowhere near where it landed. Get some better sunglasses, dude!]

To the bottom half of the second we go, shall we? Kemp SMOKES one over the wall (roughly 380 feet) about three inches over the jumping Justin Upton. J makes one hell of an attempt to get it but it was just over his fingertips. Hanley Ramiriez pops out to a running CY for the first out. Andre then takes a 1-2 pitch and gets the ball to center field. Luis Cruz takes a 0-2 pitch and smokes it to right field. Runners on 1st and 2nd with one out. Time to panic right? Wade now at 25 pitches. Treanor smokes one up the middle and it hits Miley's wrist/glove but he is able to get control and throw to Hill for the second out. Trainer checks out Miley but he appears ok, woosh. Chris Capuano comes to bat and bunts it up the third base line, New Guy quickly gets to it and throws to Goldy for out three.

We gotta come back, we cant lose to the Yankees West. Johnny Mac Daddy comes in and quickly hits a Homerun over the Sports Authority sign (SIRENNNNNNNNNNNNNN). Tie game schweet! Snakepit: woo hoo! Now, this is where ish95 comes in and takes full credit for the HR. Miley then strikes out. CY and Aaron Hill are not productive and get the next two outs to end the inning. Bottom of the third is fast as hell. Ellis and Shane each pop up for outs and Adrian hits a ball to Hill to end the inning. To the fourth we go....

Justin leads things off and smokes one to the warning track and Andre gets him out. Time for me to switch mlb tv to the Dodgers feed before Gonzo and Greg put me to sleep. Kubz strikes out and Goldy singles. Guess who comes up next? It's Miggy "THE MICROWAVE" Montero. He shows off his blue shades and then Greg goes, "High fly ball Grand Slam" - no, but he does hit a two-run home-run, and we are up 3-1. Of course ish95 shows up again and takes full credit. New Guy comes in for the last out. Kemp leads off, hits one to the warning track for an out, Ramirez gets on with a single, but then Andre hits into a 4-6-3 double play to end the inning.

Fifth inning we trade zeros. I am getting tired of typing so the top of the sixth, we dont score. Yankees up, Adrian strikes out, Kemp walks on a BS call, Hanley smokes one to left field that looked like it could be a homerun. That has runners on first and second with 1 out. Shaw starts to warm up. Ethier crushes one down the RF line but thank God it was foul. He wound up smoking a 3-2 count to Hill who bobbled it but got it to Goldy for out two, however a run did score. Cruz hits one to Kubz to end the inning.

To the seventh. Goldy hits a line drive to first for a base hit, and Miggy follows with another hit, to LF. New Guy comes in, and bunts the runners over to 2nd and 3rd. Johnny Mac Daddy dribbles a ball up the first base line to score Goldy, with everyone safe. I blame ish95 for not being here this inning: as we coulda got more runs. Miley now at 100 pitches goes after Shane. He hits it up the middle and the Yankees score again, making it 4-3 AZ. Miley's day ends after Justin and Cy do their best Bad News Bears imitation, turning a fly-ball into a double, but Brad Ziegler keeps the D-backs in the lead with a patented ground-ball out.

We go to the to the 8th and no runs score. Top of the ninth.....Ronald Belisario pitching for the Yankees, strikes out Goldy and Microwave. New Guy smokes one for a double but J Mac Daddy strikes out. Bring in the easy button, J.J. Putz, right? We got this mofo. Abreu strikes out to start things off. Mark Ellis singles, Shane walks, and Adrian doubles to score Ellis and Shane. Game over and we suck ass.

Thanks to our leader Jim for letting the community here contribute to the site. I can speak for myself and others saying we really appreciate that man.

[Click to enlarge, in new window]
Putting out fires: Miguel Montero, +28.1%
Firemen: McDonald, +16.5%; Ziegler, +13.1%; Hernandez, +12.8%
With gasoline: J.J. Putz, -82.6%
Fire in the hold: Upton, -12.5%; Miley, -10.0%

Recapper AzDbackfanInDc, managed to lead commenters as well as takling notes, with imstillhungry95 pipping hotclaws by a single post for second. Also to be seen this afternoon: Jim McLennan, DivineWolfwood, 4 Corners Fan, Rockkstarr12, onedotfive, dbacks79, marionette, soco, asteroid, Clefo, xmet, GuruB, Circa4life, Husk, blank_38, txzona, CaptainCanuck and Diamondhacks. COTD goes to the following three people.



ronpaul2012dotcom - it is important

by marionette on Sep 2, 2012 1:26 PM MST reply actions 1 recs

I barely listen to him.

It’s just nonsense burbling to fill air time.

We need some real announcers… desperately.

Love is the most important thing in the world, but baseball is pretty good too.

by onedotfive on Sep 2, 2012 1:28 PM MST up reply actions 2 recs

He does seem very critical, doesn't he?

That doesn’t really add to the broadcast. I don’t expect him to be a "homer" about the players, but he’s overdoing the criticism.

Life's a dance you learn as you go.

by 4 Corners Fan on Sep 2, 2012 1:32 PM MST up reply actions 1 recs

Labor Day tomorrow, so an afternoon game for the Diamondbacks, as they head up the coast of California to San Francisco. First-pitch is 1:05pm.

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