Justin Upton Future

I want to bring up three things. I have a problem with Andrus for Upton if it’s straight up, not b/c I don’t think they’re fair, on the contrary, I think it would be fair in terms of talent and position. The problem I have is that Andrus only has 2 years/$11.5mil left on his contract that buys out his arbitration years and is a free agent after 2014. I would be okay with a deal like this STRAIGHT UP if Andrus were to take an extension of maybe 5-6 years for $10-$12mil per year. I don’t know if the Dbacks would be willing to take that kind of commitment on or what they think of him as a player, but that would keep him with the Dbacks from ages 24-30 (he just turned 24). Andrus is the type of guy that you would want to build your team around, the kind of guy that could be an MVP contender in the NL with gold glove defense, .300-.320 batting with 30+ SB. Challenge is, he's a Boras client.

If we can’t get an extension, out of him, then the Rangers have to give up more, maybe Rougned Odor (18 year old 2B in low A) and Robbie Ross (LHP current relief pitcher on the rangers roster, but could also possibly start).

This year for Upton also reminds me of last years Jason Heyward. I think Jason Heyward is the best example of Justin Upton. Heyward was ROY candidate, considered one of the best young players in baseball in 2010. Last year, he had a shoulder issue that sapped some of his power, but also messed with his swing. Funny thing is, Braves fans were getting upset at Heyward last year (sound familiar?) and the team was thinking of trading him. Good thing for them that they didn’t.

Heyward (ISO is for power)

2010 - .277/.393/.456; .179 ISO; 134 wRC+

2011 - .227/.319/.389; .162 ISO; 98 wRC+

2012 - .279/.352/.509; .229 ISO; 135 wRC+


2011 - .289/.369/.529; .240 ISO; 140 wRC+

2012 - .279/.360/.414; .135 ISO; 104 wRC+

Lastly, Upton since 6/20 (he had his lowest slugging numbers at this point):

.308/.384/.480; .346 BABIP

I wonder if some of his power returning is due to his thumb getting better?

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