Some ideas for mid season moves to make

Trade Joe Saunders

Won’t get much in return, but you do get a roster spot, which can go to one of the young pitchers instead of sending them back to the minors, and you get salary relief. There are a couple of teams in contention that have had a lot of injuries and ineffectiveness in their rotation. One of them might even surprise us and give us a B- prospect for him.

If they do trade Saunders that gives them a rotation of Kennedy, Cahill, Miley, Collmenter and Bauer. And you have Corbin and Skaggs at the ready. You might even want to flip flop Collmenter and Corbin, (or Skaggs) so that you have a second lefty in the rotation, although that is not essential. I know it’s risky to have that many young pitchers in the rotation if you are in a pennant race. And Wade Miley is regressing too. But the experience will do them well and make the team even more formidable next year. In fact it most likely it won’t even cost much if anything to their chances this year. It may even improve them.

Of course Saunders needs to prove he is healthy this Saturday. If he sucks, this one goes by the boards until he pitches 2 decent games and shows he’s healthy.

DFA Geoff Blum, Call Up Wheeler.

Blum has nothing left at the plate. Bring up Wheeler, defense be damned, and at least have a good lefty bat to spell Roberts. Ryan Roberts is just 3 from the bottom in OBP and wRC+ among all MLB 3rd baseman with 250 or more PA’s. He is basically nullifying the surprisingly good season at the plate that Willie Bloomquist is having. His defense has been good, and when Wheeler does start, he can also be lifted late in games with Roberts coming in to play D.

Start Parra over Young vs. all Righties

I know I have written this before, and it’s been happening a bit more lately. Chris Young should only start against a lefty. Period. He can also pinch hit, be your righty bench bat to combat those LOOGYS and be a late inning defensive replacement for Kubel.

Bait and Switch the Pirates

Tell them you are trading them Upton, but ship them Drew instead. Seriously, the Pirates are desperate to upgrade their offense. Clint Barmes is the biggest black hole in their lineup. He’s been good defensively, but the guy is hitting .204 with a 45 OPS+. It’s possible the Pirates might just give up something worthwhile for an upgrade at Short. Barring that just keep Drew the rest of the season. His bat looks like it’s ready to come around.

Too bad Adrelton Simmons has played so well in Atlanta. Had he gotten off to a bad start, the Braves might have actually given up something to have Georgia boy Drew come on over and plug a hole at Short for them.

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