Pick 6 T-shirt Contest + Fantasy Baseball

This week
Daily best
Player Pts
1 walleye01 53.7
2 Amit 46.5
3 Jim McLennan 43.2
4 Nonpartisan 43.0
5 Tabor36 40.8

Player Pts
1 PR151 272.4
2 Nonpartisan 262.1
3 G.O.B. 254.6
4 leemellon 249.8
5 Augdogs 249.3
Player Pts
1 tstack1014 86.9
2 leemellon 78.3
3 blank_38 74.7
4 PR151 70.7
5 2 tied 70.1

After leading for much of the week, G.O.B. couldn't quite hold on, a disastrous 25th of 29 entrants dropping them out of the top spot. Instead, PR151's 10th spot was enough to give them overall victory by three points. As yesterday, a previous victor took the daily prize, walleye01 coming out on top. However, tstack1014 retained position on top of the daily best list. The two winners will be contacted soon(ish!) by my SB Nation overlords, to request details of mailing addresses for their shirts, so I hope the email addresses on file are accurate.

The final week of shirt giveaways starts today, so everything gets reset to zero. You've got an hour to submit your entries for the opening day of competition. Here are the SnakePit Fantasy Baseball results for last week: details, standings, etc. are now to be found after the jump.

AZ SnakePit 5, Lil Bitches 5
Mizzoula Osprey 6, Phoenix Platypi 3
Alabama Slammers 5, soco knows 4
Blonde Streaks 6, Los Wailoracles 3
Sofa King Juiced 9, The Fighting Amish 1
Ignatius J. Rallies 0, MyWieterGetzLongoria 10
Waffles 4, CompleteGameShutout 5

AZ SnakePit 5, Lil Bitches 5
Lil blew away Snake on offense, hitting .311 with 13 homers, behind Hitter of the Week Carlos Gonzalez (4 HR, 8 RBI, .514) - teammate Cuddyer drove in nine. However, the tables were turned in pitching, with Snake sweeping there: Santana had a no-hitter, while Niese got a W + 17 K.

Mizzoula Osprey 6, Phoenix Platypi 3
The Osprey hit .333 with power, Ramirez homering four times and Goldschmidt three. The Platypi did fight back on the mound, behind pitcher of the week Sale, who got two Wins and an impressive 23 strikeouts. But Hanson's 12 strikeouts gave Mizzoula: that category, and a split of W was enough.

Alabama Slammers 5, soco knows 4
Strikeouts were tied at 49, giving overall victory to Alabama. Both teams hit over .300, Fowler's 13 R and eight RBI giving Slammers a strong edge/ soco fought back on pitching, Cahill getting a W + 10 K, and Masterson fanned 11, but came up short, as Kimbrel (Alabama) saved three with seven K.

Blonde Streaks 6, Los Wailoracles 3
Blonde swept pitching, though most K's were only seven from Romero and reliever Frieri, with two saves. Aceves saved three for Los. They also got two HR from Pence and Morrison; however, it wasn't enough as Blonde got three and seven RBI by Ortiz, allowing them to hold on for the W.

Sofa King Juiced 9, The Fighting Amish 1
The Amish were pounded, swept in hitting as they batted .194 with only 11 RBI on the week - Trumbo and Quentin each had three HR and seven RBI for Sofa. On the mound, Bell picked up an amazing five saves with a zero ERA; Amish's point came in K's, where Bumgarner got 11 plus a Win.

Ignatius J. Rallies 0, MyWieterGetzLongoria 10
Rallies were hit even harded, Wieter moving up to third after this blanking. They got three HR and eight RBI from Granderson, while Trout also drove in eight. Zambrano got two W and Hanrahan three Sv for Wieter. The closest category was homers, which went to Wieter by a single shot.

Waffles 4, CompleteGameShutout 5
The week's closest game, with SB ending tied, W, Sv and K decided by one, and BA by .001. Waffles got two W + 17 strikeouts from Marcum, but Broxton's three Sv and Hughes 11 K's for Complete proved crucial. Saltalamacchia and Suzuki had two HR for them, while Ackles scored six for Waffles.


Rank Team W-L-T Pct GB Last Week Waiver Moves
1. Alabama Slammers 51-32-7 .606 - 5-4-1 7 18
2. Sofa King Juiced 52-35-3 .594 1 9-1-0 8 23
3. MyWieterGetzLongoria 49-33-8 .589 1.5 10-0-0 6 11
4. Mizzoula Osprey 50-35-5 .583 2 6-3-1 2 15
5. The Fighting Amish 48-38-4 .556 4.5 1-9-0 14 22
6. Lil Bitches 47-38-5 .550 5 5-5-0 1 7
7. Blonde Streaks 45-38-7 .539 6 6-3-1 10 15
8. Ignatius J. Rallies 41-42-7 .494 10 0-10-0 11 21
9. Phoenix Platypi 40-44-6 .478 11.5 3-6-1 13 10
10. AZ SnakePit 36-46-8 .444 14.5 5-5-0 9 3
11. Waffles 36-46-8 .444 14.5 4-5-1 5 14
12. CompleteGameShutout 34-49-7 .417 17 5-4-1 4 21
13. soco knows 31-53-6 .378 20.5 4-5-1 12 9
14. Los Wailoracles 26-57-7 .328 25 3-6-1 3 3

Week 10 Games

AZ SnakePit vs. Ignatius J. Rallies
Mizzoula Osprey vs. Lil Bitches
Alabama Slammers vs. Phoenix Platypi
Blonde Streaks vs. soco knows
Sofa King Juiced vs. Los Wailoracles
The Fighting Amish vs. CompleteGameShutout
Waffles vs. MyWieterGetzLongoria

Mizzoula Osprey vs. Lil Bitches is the ESPN game of the week. After a slow start, Osprey have started to put it together, winning the last three rounds by a margin of 20-7. Lil have taken three of their last four, though haven't scored more than five points in a week since the third round of games.

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