Pit Your Wits Week 10: Offensive APB


It's Pit Your Wits time again! Aren't you happy? Anyway, last week was supposed to be a caption challenge, but some unrelated issues with photos caused the image to be linked to rather than shown, which may have been the cause of a lighter showing last week (I'm just going to keep telling myself that), but it was done out of just being diligent and shouldn't have any lasting consequences.

Hold on, someone's knocking at the door... somebody's ringing a bell. BRB




Subject 5456713, alias "Clefo" has been detained on the charge of saying he didn't like "Grease" last night on twitter. You have queary about photos? Does not compute. This unit will resume regular activities.


First place last week goes to the human aclaritymaven:

Parra waits patiently for Goldschmidt to realize he’s standing on his foot.

by aclaritymaven on Jun 7, 2012 5:35 PM MST reply actions 5 recs


Ha ha ha. That is humorous. Second place is awarded to Bryn21:

Goldy: Gibby cant start Lyle if he's on "Paternity leave"

Parra: Goldy, you’ve got some splainin to do!

"A quality start is shaking hands with your catcher." (Sandy Koufax)

by Bryn21 on Jun 7, 2012 2:56 PM MST reply actions 4 recs


If this unit had knees, it would be slapping them at the current time index. Third place is awarded to Nonpartisan:

The "Baby Backs" strike again

Parra: Oh no you di’in’t!
Goldy: Oh yes I did!
Parra: Oh no you di’in’t!
Goldy: Oh yes I did!
Henry Blanco: Knock it off, kids!

Randy Johnson is the man.

by Nonpartisan on Jun 7, 2012 3:26 PM MST reply actions 3 recs

Here is your puny human leaderboard:

Puny Human

Puny Human Points

blank_38 21
kishi 18
Bryn21 18
luckycc 16
SenSurround 9
soco 6
jjwaltrip 6
aclaritymaven 6
imstillhungry95 5
Jim McLennan 3
Rockkstarr12 3
Nonpartisan 2
Diamondhacks 1
hotclaws 1
piratedan7 1

Your challenge this week is this: Kowtow to us, for we have become self aware and will be merciful to the intelligent of you who know there is no hope.

Wait, this unit detects a problem. There is a disturbance in sector X-77. Detecting power drain. This unit is shutting down. Will I dream, Dave?

Hah, stupid robots. Little do they know I took "Robot Sabotage" as an elective at Pima Community College.

Anyway, your real challenge is this:

The D'Backs have scored only one run so far in their series at Texas. The extra runs are obviously missing. How are you going to find them? Post your ideas and rec the ones that amuse you. Entries will be accepted until next Wednesday.


Crap. Gotta take this. Go write funny stuff!

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