SnakePit Pick 6 + Fantasy Baseball

Pick 6 for Sunday Pick 6 for the week SnakePit Fantasy Baseball Week 5

1. Nauk 58.9
2. tstack1014 42.3
3. PR151 42.3
4. Nonpartisan 41.3
5. Tabor36 40.0

1. walleye01 214.8
2. Canadiamondback 214.1
3. dbacksfan414 204.4
4. tstack1014 200.8
5. BigLeagueAZ 195.2
AZ SnakePit 0, The Fighting Amish 9
Mizzoula Osprey 6, Sofa King Juiced 4
Alabama Slammers 4, Blonde Streaks 5
Los Wailoracles 2, MyWieterGetzLongoria 7
soco knows 3, Waffles 7
Phoenix Platypi 5, Ignatius J. Rallies 5
Lil Bitches 3, CompleteGameShutout 6

Doubling up here on fantasy stuff. Pick 6 is under way for the week. You should note that there is also a weekly leaderboard for Pick 6, and I've decided that, beginning this round, whoever comes up top of the weekly chart will be eligible to receive a pair of SnakePit season tickets. Unfortunately, it you live out of state, there won't be an alternate, but feel free to fly in to Phoenix to make use of your prize. Limit one win per person: if you win again, the prize drops to the first available. Of course, you have to be in it to win it, and this will reward those who take part every day.

After the jump, fantasy league reports, standings, etc.

AZ SnakePit 0, The Fighting Amish 9
Amish came within one save of a whitewash, but still blanked Snake behind Braun's four HR and seven RBI. Dunn chipped in with three HR. On the mound, Wainwright delivered two wins and 13 strikeouts, with Rodriguez notching both a W and a Save, on their way to a collective 2.20 ERA.

Mizzoula Osprey 6, Sofa King Juiced 4
Recent trade partners faced off, with Osprey coming out on top, mostly due to their edge in hitting, LaHair had three homers for them, and Ramirez drove in seven. Sofa were typically strong in pitching, with 87 K's - Darvish had 20, and Wilson 13, plus two W - but came up just short.

Alabama Slammers 4, Blonde Streaks 5
Leaders Blonde edged Alabama, with Wins ending tied and Saves going to the Streaks by one. Ortiz (Blonde) was the sole player to hit more than one homer - Jay also scored seven for them, Victorino got six runs for Alabama, who also received 13 strikeouts from Minor.

Los Wailoracles 2, MyWieterGetzLongoria 7
Wieter came close to sweeping pitching behind Weaver's no hitter and Moore (W + 11 K). Aceves had 11 strikeouts for Los, who did better at the dish, thanks to hitter of the week Freeman (three HR, ten RBI); Pence also had three HR. Kipnis scored and drove in six for Longoria.

soco knows 3, Waffles 7
Closer than this looked, Waffles taking BA by only .005, and Wins + Sv by one. They got important help from Upton (seven R, three SB) and Alvarez (six R, six RBI), while Hunter homered twice for soco. Drabek fanned ten for Waffles, and Capps got the only save for either side.

Phoenix Platypi 5, Ignatius J. Rallies 5
Rallies were probably lucky to escape with a tie, taking three of their five categories by one and ERA by .07. Stanton had four homers and six RBI. while Latos got a W and 11 strikeouts. For Phoenix, Perez saved four games, and Hamels a W + 14 K; Hardy also had three homers.

Lil Bitches 3, CompleteGameShutout 6
Pitcher of the Week Hernandez (18 K, 0.56 ERA) led Complete to victory in a well-pitched game - Cain had 14 K's for Lil, and Myers saved three for Complete, the teams combining for a sub-three ERA. On offense, Beltran (two HR, eight RBI) led Complete; Jones (two HR, six R) did the same for Lil.


Rank Team W-L-T Pct GB Last Waiver Moves
1. Blonde Streaks 29-16-5 .630 - 5-4-1 11 7
2. The Fighting Amish 29-17-4 .620 0.5 9-0-1 5 10
3. Lil Bitches 29-18-3 .610 1 3-6-1 1 4
4. Alabama Slammers 25-19-6 .560 3.5 4-5-1 8 8
5. Phoenix Platypi 26-21-3 .550 4 5-5-0 14 8
6. Mizzoula Osprey 26-22-2 .540 4.5 6-4-0 2 9
7. Sofa King Juiced 26-22-2 .540 4.5 4-6-0 9 11
8. Ignatius J. Rallies 25-23-2 .520 5.5 5-5-0 12 12
9. MyWieterGetzLongoria 21-23-6 .480 7.5 7-2-1 7 8
10. Waffles 20-26-4 .440 9.5 7-3-0 6 9
11. soco knows 20-28-2 .420 10.5 3-7-0 13 5
12. CompleteGameShutout 18-30-2 .380 12.5 6-3-1 4 9
13. Los Wailoracles 16-30-4 .360 13.5 2-7-1 3 3
14. AZ SnakePit 15-30-5 .350 14 0-9-1 10 1

Week 6 Games

AZ SnakePit vs. Los Wailoracles
Mizzoula Osprey vs. The Fighting Amish
Alabama Slammers vs. Sofa King Juiced
Blonde Streaks vs. CompleteGameShutout
soco knows vs. MyWieterGetzLongoria
Phoenix Platypi vs. Waffles
Lil Bitches vs. Ignatius J. Rallies

Amish vs. Osprey is the ESPN Game of the Week, #2 overall player Josh Hamilton has been the stud anchoring Amish's second-place, with support from Ryan Braun. However, Osprey have uber-closer Fernando Rodney and his 0,66 ERA, with Bryan LaHair their best offensive cog to date.

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