National League 53, American League 43: Crappy baseball? WHY NOT?

As the Diamondbacks have the day off, and me not having anything to do, I thought I might as well wrap up the games that were played today around baseball.

Miami 6, Philadelphia 2

Anibal Sanchez got the start for the Marlins today, pitching a strong 6.1 innings while giving up 6 hits, 1 BB, 2 ER and 4 strikeouts. He didn't fair well at the plate though, going 0-3 with 1 strikeout. Randy Choate, Edward Mujica and Steve Cishek combined to throw 2.1 perfect innings for the Marlins, striking out 4.

Cole Hamels made his first start of his last season of not making 100 million dollars. He didn't have is usual stuff today, pitching only 5.1 innings while giving up 8 hits, 0 BB, 4 R, 3 ER, but he did strikeout 9. Joe Savery went 1.2 innings for the Philles, giving up Omar Infante's second home run of the game. David Herndon pitched a scoreless 8th for the Phillies before Papeldouche came in for the 9th and gave up another home run.

Omar Infante led the scoring for the Marlins, going 2-4 with those two solo shots. Emilio Bonifacio continues his quality hitting, going 3-4 with his 4th stolen base of the year. Gaby Sanchez added 2 RBI on 2 hits including a double.

The Phillies' offense continues to hurt them so far this year, their line up reminds me of the 2011 Giants a bit. Jimmy Rollins led the "hit fest" with 2 singles, while Freddy Galvis contributed the only extra base hit for the Phillies today which gave the Phillies the only 2 runs they scored the whole game.

Tomorrow both teams have the day off, kind of weird since they will be playing each other again on Wednesday when the aces battle. Roy Halladay versus Josh Johnson in a sure to be anemic offensive showing.

LA Angels 5, Twins 1

This isn't even worth recapping.

Giants 7, Rockies 0

This is probably the least likely thing that has occurred since Edwin Jackson not giving up a hit after walking 8 batters. Barry Zito actually looked like a pitcher today. He threw his 3rd complete game as a Giant and his first shutout since 2003. He only gave up 4 hits and struck out 4! With, get this NO WALKS! I wonder what the Vegas odds were on him throwing a complete game shutout today against the Rockies.

Jhoulys Chacin, their default ace, went only 4 innings while giving up 4 runs.

The Giants offense scored more runs today then they scored all together last year. They score 7 runs, Melky Cabrera had a pair of hits, Aubrey Huff had a double and 2 WALKS, Pagan and Crawford both had doubles. The biggest hit was probably in the first inning though when Pablo the morbidly obese Sandoval had a 2-run homer.

The Rockies bats went silent Scutaro, Tulo and the starting pitcher had one single each. The only extra base hit happened in the 7th when Ramon Hernandez ripped a ball past the diving lump of potatoes down the left field line.


Chicago White Sox 4, Cleveland 2

Another game I don't care enough about to recap

Milwaukee 7, Chicago Cubs 5

Another game in which the away team won. Ryan Braun had 2 hits, and also had a single and a double. Shaun Marcum went 6 innings giving up 3 ER, 2 HR, and striking out 6. They Cubs did some hitting, but not good enough to win the World Series this century.

Yankees 6, Baltimore 2

Yankees won, ending their 3 game losing streak unfortunately. Mark Reynolds only struck out once.

Boston 4, Toronto 2

Sergio Santos, our former first round draft pick SS turned major league closer decided having a lead wasn't in the Blue Jays best interest so he decided to give up 3 runs in the 9th on 3 BB and 2 hits. Kelly Johnson also had a good day, not striking out once!

St. Louis 7, Cincinnati 1

This game got away from the Reds early when after getting two quick out, Reds starter Homer Baily decided to be generous and give Matt Holiday, David Freese and Yadier Molina home runs. Strangely enough, Yadier hitting that home run drove up Montero's price by $500,000.

Washington 3, Mets 4

Who cares about the Mets and their almost "Madoff" money.

Atlanta 3, Houston 8

How embarrassing, losing to the Astros. 0-4 for the Braves.

Seattle 5, Texas 11

Seattle had five early runs against Japanese sensation Yu Darvish in his much anticipated debut. They, however, decided that they didn't really need this win, so they let the young righty get the win. Only in Texas can you give up 5 runs, get the win and have everybody ignore how many runs you gave up.

Kansas City 0, Oakland 1

I had the pleasure of watching this game, it was a hit fest as you can see, Oakland's bats came alive as they scored 1 RUN. The Royals tried their best to score an incredible amount of runs like the A's did today, but just didn't quite reach there.

Not much dominance in my self created off-day game thread, commentators include NASCARbernet, jjwaltrip, G.O.B., blank_38, txzona, soco, Zavada's Moustache, jinnah, dbacks25, DbacksSkins, PatrickPetersonAZ.


Brewers/Cubs as the Cubs fell 2 runs shy of coming back and tying the game in the 9th, something the dbacks would have probably accomplished.

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