Copper City Classic 2012

While this coincides with the Return of the Frenchy Fest, readers in the south and very southeastern part of our great state may take interest in this event. Plus it will feature me in a decent role, so what's not to like?

As longtime readers may be aware, a few of us Snakepit type people participate in the Arizona Territories Vintage Base Ball League. The Copper City Classic is an annual event put on by the Friends of Warren Ballpark in Bisbee. Warren Ballpark has a claim as the (if not then one of the) oldest still standing baseball fields in America, which makes it an ideal venue for Vintage Base Ball. This year's event takes place this Saturday and Sunday (March 24th and 25th) at the aforementioned Warren Ballpark in Bisbee.

Last year, there were four teams competing, but the number has increased to seven. This includes a team from Colorado and a team from Illinois. DbacksSkins and myself will be representing the Tucson Saguaros.

The schedule for the two days is as follows


Opening Ceremony 10:00am

Bisbee Black Sox vs Tucson Saguaros 11:15am

Announcements and dedication 12:00pm Bisbee Bees vs. Phoenix Senators 12:15pm, Glendale Gophers vs. Colorado All-Stars 1:45pm Springfield Long Nine vs. Bisbee Bees 3:15pm Tucson Saguaros vs. Phoenix Senators 4:45pm
Open Gates 9:00am Colorado All-Stars vs. Springfield Long Nine at 9:30am Bisbee Bees vs. Glendale Gophers 11:00am Bisbee Black Sox vs Colorado All-Stars 12:30pm Glendale Gophers vs. Tucson Saguaros 2:00pm Springfield Long Nine vs Phoenix Senators 3:30pm Playoffs at 5:00pm

As an extra treat: last year a film crew from NHK in Japan came and filmed Vintage Base Ball in action. The reporter, Nakanishi Seizou, played on a few teams during the tournament. He was actually pretty good, and to top that off, he is seen at the interview portion at the end of this clip wearing some gear that I think this crowd would approve of. It also fulfilled my lifelong dream of getting the back of my head on Japanese TV.

(Not the best quality, but it took a year to even get this footage so...)

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